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Brain circuits

How leaders can improve their connections

IbyIMD+ Published 14 January 2022 in Brain circuits β€’ 2 min read

Some people have the gift of sparkling wit, others have great curiosity and intellect, while some are naturally great communicators. Ideally, these are all things you would like to see in a leader, but most people don’t naturally have this host of skills. Sometimes, even great leaders need to refine the way they interact with others. The good news is, if someone is willing to learn, this is not hard to do.

An introverted leader may not realize that they are alienating their teams by not taking time to connect. Sometimes when leaders are pulled in many directions, they may bypass small talk because they are short on time. But small talk and other interactions that show you care about people are often what makes employees feel valued. It’s important to not brush these interactions off as a waste of time, but rather…

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