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Coal: Exit, voice or loyalty?

Amid growing negative sentiment and investor pressure, three mining multinationals are pursuing different strategies regarding coal.

10 April 2024
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  • SIBIUS: Battling cognitive disorders
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    By Stefan Michel, Daniel Gerber, Vikas Munjal, David Rivière, Stephan Thalmann and Esther Lind

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    Five IMD professors feature in The Case Centre’s Top 50 Bestselling Case Authors list

    Since 2016, the annual list has detailed the cases which sell the most copies during the previous academic year.

    case study - IMD Business School
    Four IMD cases recognized in the John Molson MBA International Case Writing Competition

    IMD professors Heather Cairns-Lee, Benoît Leleux, Stefan Michel, and several EMBA 2023 participants were named among the prize winners of the 2024 Jo

    Shlomo Ben-Hur OWP 2023 - IMD Business School
    IMD features in The Case Centre’s 2023 top-selling cases

    Eight cases from IMD current and former faculty have been recognized in The Case Centre’s 2023 bestselling cases list.