time to reboot talent management

Time to reboot the way you identify and develop ‘talent’ 

IbyIMD+16 hours ago • by Misiek Piskorski, Tania Lennon in Human Resources • 9 min read • Audio availableAudio available

Job roles and careers have changed dramatically and are continuously evolving, leaving many talent management practices in the dust. Here are three new rules to upgrade your talent strategy ...

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Leading systems change

No organization can escape the need to transform to become more sustainable. The need to act is urgent. It calls for strong leadership, difficult decisions, and deep cultural change. In the September issue of I by IMD, we explore how to build sustainable organizations to succeed in turbulent times.

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Tune into our monthly webinars with top writers. Next up: Faisal Hoque, author of Reinvent: Navigating Business Transformation in a Hyperdigital Era, joins IMD's Misiek Piskorski on 18 October to discuss how organizations must consider revising and possibly scrapping decades-old habits, processes, and their very ways of thinking and operating.

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With Dilhan Pillay

The CEO of Singapore’s global investment giant Temasek discusses with Jean-François Manzoni the importance of a carbon tax and how his company is working to ensure ‘every generation.

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Brain Circuits

Tip #1: lead don't manage

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Deepak Tewari (IMD MBA 2007), founder and CEO of Privately,

Tech for Good

Privately: Can AI help make the internet safer for children?

For years, the technology sector could do no wrong – but since the COVID pandemic, there has been an increasing backlash driven by concerns over data privacy, the rise of AI, and tech sector layoffs. While technology is still the most trusted business sector, according to the latest Edelman Trust Survey, there is also growing skepticism about whether tech firms can not only develop exciting new products and services but also serve society, solving problems and having a positive impact. 

Against this backdrop, this series showcases companies that are using technology to contribute to society. Spanning startups that are tackling a range of pressing challenges, from online safety to antibiotic resistance to waste in the beverage industry, the founders in this series aren’t driven by technology alone – they are doing what they’re doing to create a better world.  

In the first episode, Professor Jim Pulcrano meets Deepak Tewari (IMD MBA 2007), founder and CEO of Privately, which has developed technology to make the internet a safer and better place for children. 

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Book Club You and AI

What is AI and what is it to you?

IbyIMD+16 hours ago • by Öykü Işık in Videos

Author and business founder Cindy Candrian’s new book AI & You: A Guide to Understanding How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Our Lives is a deep dive into the history and impact of...

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