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Cybersecurity, AI and ESG: A new world for CFOs 

1 March 2024 • by Kalin Anev Janse in Management • 5 min read

Against the backdrop of changing markets and monetary policy, chief financial officers (CFOs) emerge as financial captains steering organizations through uncharted waters. ...

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The ‘Magnificent Seven’ (M7): Assessing their contribution to the performance of US publicly listed firms

20 February 2024 • by Camilla Erencin, Simon J. Evenett, Pierre Ledan, Felix Reitz in Crux of Capitalism • 5 min read

Data from the Crux of Capitalism finds that the ‘Magnificent Seven' “tech” stocks – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla – together accounted for 32% of the economic profit of...

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Leading in Turbulent Times

Tune into our monthly webinars with IMD Experts. Next up: Jennifer Jordan will present a paradox for leaders between behaving authentically and behaving in ways they think we need to as leaders. She will then give research-based suggestions for how to resolve this inner turbulence in a way that increases inner peace and groundedness.

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Invest in impact

To secure a more sustainable and inclusive future, we need creative ideas and partnerships that reimagine the global economy. In Issue XII of I by IMD, we explore how the fast-emerging “impact economy” is changing the way we do business – and the world.

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CEO Dialogue with TV Narendran

Anticipating rising raw material costs, Tata Steel’s CEO introduced a change management process to instill a culture of future readiness at the 100-year-old industrial company.

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Coaching Corner

In this series, we share real-world, practical coaching scenarios. Read on to discover the specific challenges highlighted in the cases and the insights that could help you navigate and find solutions to your own multifaceted challenges.

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Brain Circuits

Tip #1: lead don't manage
Tip #2: committ to a daily mental fitness regime

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Demystifying venture asset management

Insights into the world of Venture Capital

In this new series from IMD and its Venture Asset Management Initiative, experts explore the dynamic realm of venture capital. Where innovation meets investment, and ideas transform into thriving enterprises.


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I by IMD & The Female Quotient

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