Coaching Corner

In this series, we share real-world, practical coaching scenarios. Read on to discover the specific challenges highlighted in the cases and the insights that could help you navigate and find solutions to your own multifaceted challenges. How might these insights and questions apply to you? 

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Creating a belonging culture 

When Jules was promoted to global VP, the pressure was suddenly acute to bridge cultural differences and ensure everyone in the team felt a sense of belonging and ownership. Getting this right...

IbyIMD+14 June 2024 • by Sunita Sehmi in Coaching Corner

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Coaching corner

The coaching journey

Leaders are human beings. As a leader of other human beings, you face complex and intricate challenges every day. At times, pinpointing and articulating these challenges can be difficult. However, until you can thoroughly address and resolve them, they have the potential to hinder your personal growth and your team’s success. This is where expert coaching can come in.

Identifying and asking the right questions and deploying the best approaches for you, together we can unlock learning—and solutions that work for you.

Coaching empowers you to:

  • - Clarify your goals and objectives
  • - Articulate your emotions
  • - Build deep self-awareness and understanding
  • - Deploy new and more effective behaviors
  • - Build and enact your own concrete and long-term solutions.
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