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Executive certificates & diplomas

Curate your learning experience & get recognized for your expertise

Programs & Solutions

Executive certificates & diplomas

Curate your learning experience & get recognized for your expertise

Build your development journey based on your evolving needs and goals

When pursuing comprehensive expertise, a learning journey that develops alongside your career path, needs, and goals is essential. Our executive certificates and diplomas offer formal recognition of your continuous professional development, allowing you to immerse deeply into specific topics and advance your skills.

Whether your focus is on mastering digital transformation, general management, sustainability, corporate governance, or another area, you choose the programs you want to follow and tailor your 360° learning experience with guidance from our expert program advisors.

Get a recognized certification

Gain insights and skills from top-tier faculty and industry experts while earning a certification that gives you a competitive edge.

Enjoy flexible learning

Learn at your own pace with our adaptable schedules, ensuring your education fits seamlessly into your schedule.

Build your experience

Own your learning journey and choose from a wide range of programs, each designed to meet specific career needs and evolving industry demands.

Join a global community

Connect with a diverse network of professionals worldwide, expanding your perspectives and career opportunities.

Real learning. Real impact.
 - IMD Business School
Carsten Scheuba

Global Head HR Services & Solutions, Lonza

Inspire what could be.

The Digital Excellence journey has impacted my mindset and thinking forward. This great combination of topics inspired me to what is possible for my business.

 - IMD Business School
Jacqueline Hess

Vice-Chair Board of Directors, Vontobel Swiss Financial Advisers AG, Switzerland

Broadened perspective on governance.

The IMD Board Director Diploma honed my governance experience and skill set and broadened my perspective. I now have a better awareness of where I could have blind spots and the actions I can take to work on them.

 - IMD Business School
Florian vom Bruch

CEO, Buben & Zörweg,

A strong credential.

The Program for Executive Development takes you on a fascinating deep dive into the latest research and best practices of all relevant general management disciplines, combined with a very thorough personal leadership development stream.