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Executive Certificate in Sustainable Business

Accelerate your impact for sustainable business transformation.

Executive Certificate in Sustainable Business

Accelerate your impact for sustainable business transformation.




Up to 24 months to complete all programs


CHF 27,000

Build core sustainable business capabilities to future-proof yourself and your organization

The IMD Executive Certificate in Sustainable Business equips you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to spearhead sustainable transformation and amplify your impact. By combining IMD’s foundational program Leading Sustainable Business Transformation with three Sustainability Accelerator programs of your choice, you will earn a solid credential that demonstrates your mastery of sustainable business practices.

An IMD Executive Certificate is an accredited Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), an internationally recognized academic qualification that awards 10 ECTS credits.

Why pursue sustainable business capabilities?

In a world grappling with multifaceted global challenges such as climate change, dwindling resources, and societal polarization, the need for sustainable business practices is no longer a choice – it’s an urgent necessity. To thrive in this evolving landscape, organizations – and their leaders – must rethink their strategies and pivot towards more sustainable, future-proofed business models. This shift requires a set of new skills, knowledge, and networks.

Comprehensive portfolio

Deepen your knowledge in key areas such as ESG reporting, circular economy principles, courageous leadership, integrating sustainability into business strategy, stakeholder engagement, and sustainable finance.

Cutting-edge research

Access IMD’s cutting-edge research on sustainability, responsible leadership, and social innovation to stay at the forefront of sustainable business. Informed by the Center for Sustainable and Inclusive Business.

Tailored learning journey

Customize your learning to fit your unique development goals and evolving business context. Select programs that resonate with you and determine their sequencing for a truly personalized experience.

Solid credential

Earn an IMD Executive Certificate in Sustainable Business, showcasing your proficiency in sustainable business practices and positioning you as a leader committed to making a lasting impact.

Your pathway to certification
Step 1 – Lay your foundation and deepen your knowledge in key areas

The Executive Certificate in Sustainable Business comprises IMD’s foundational program, Leading Sustainable Business Transformation, alongside your selection of three Sustainability Accelerators.

Leading Sustainable Business Transformation is the cornerstone of your learning journey, establishing the fundamentals of business sustainability and delving into crucial principles and practices of sustainable transformation. Conversely, the Sustainability Accelerators are focused programs providing an in-depth exploration of pivotal aspects of sustainable transformation.

Choose any three Sustainability Accelerators from the options below:


While we recommend starting your journey with Leading Sustainable Business Transformation, you retain the flexibility to enter the certification pathway with any Sustainability Accelerator and decide the sequencing of programs.

Step 2 – Complete a final assessment

An integral component of your journey is the final assessment, providing an opportunity to revisit program content and transform your insights into a cohesive action plan tailored for implementation in your professional context.

The timeframe for completing Leading Sustainable Business Transformation, three chosen Sustainability Accelerators, and the final assessment is 24 months.

Step 3 – Attain your IMD Executive Certificate in Sustainable Business

Successful completion of your certification programs and final assessment grants you the IMD Executive Certificate in Sustainable Business. This robust and internationally recognized academic qualification attests to your mastery of sustainable business practices.

Explore your program options

Build your customized learning journey from a combination of programs covering multiple topics. Your journey, your perfect blend of programs. Get started now.

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