IMD Global Board Center

Helping board members to succeed by providing unique & pertinent resources on current boardroom issues and latest governance trends.

IMD Global Board Center

Helping board members to succeed by providing unique & pertinent resources on current boardroom issues and latest governance trends.

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Founded in 2010, the core aim of the IMD Global Board Center is to support long-term organizational success through strong boards. It brings together world-class thought leadership and global best practices in a systematic way to help boards reach their full potential. We address real-world issues in ways that can be used by boards to improve their performance and play a strategic role in their organization’s success.

Our insights and thought leadership not only provide innovative material for our board education programs, but help set the agenda for better board practices. Our unique combination of open enrollment and custom programs aims to empower board members in an increasingly globalized and complex world.

Act globally as a promoter of good governance practices
Be a prominent and innovative thought leader in the field of governance
Support boards and senior leaders by providing unique & pertinent resources
Aim at helping boards be their best

Board education is crucial because today’s CEOs are so overstretched. They are confronted with an incredible rise in complexity – from society, governments, alternative business models, global changes, new risks and opportunities and shifts in economic conditions.

Didier Cossin Founder and Director of the IMD Global Board Center
Open programs

IMD’s Board programs draw on more than 40 years of board education experience. They offer the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary for continued success as a modern board member amid disruption and highly complex business times.


Custom programs

Our custom programs are founded on cutting-edge research and the extensive experience of IMD Faculty, and inspired by the board practices of leading organizations in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. With a heavy emphasis on experiential and discussion-based learning, our tailored solutions are highly customized to meet the specific learning and development needs of your board and to drive its performance.

Your Learning Journey

CONTEXT: You gain a clear understanding of the objectives you want to achieve as a board.
TRANSFORMATION: You build the case for change and a detailed action plan associated with key areas of choice.
CAPABILITIES: You develop the capabilities of your people in areas critical to your future success.
IMPACT: Create lasting impact as you lead and drive change. What you create and learn at IMD will become ingrained within your business.
Insights & Research

Latest articles

Dangerous products recalled faster when women are on the board

Research shows that pharmaceutical products with the most serious defects are recalled 28 days sooner with female representation in the boardroom, potentially saving thousands of lives. Low severity recalls, which can easily be hidden from regulators, also increase by 120%.

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Biased boards? How framing affects decision-making

How we frame decisions can have a substantial impact on the choices we make. Combining strategy and risk discussions through the process of scenario analysis can help avoid bias.

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Is it time to review the ethics of your board of directors?

Most companies have agreements with their boards regarding ethical standards. However, board members and directors often remain unaware of some of the subtle conflicts of interest that they deal with on a regular basis.

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Taking regeneration on board

Boards and companies have made wide-ranging sustainability goals; regeneration is what they should be talking about.

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Business leaders see gender quotas as ‘necessary evil’ to improve boardroom diversity

The controversial policies are an imperfect solution to the glacial pace of progress on tackling gender inequality in senior leadership positions.

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The four tiers of conflict of interest faced by board directors

Understanding the types of conflicts of interest that can arise in the boardroom can help a business to mitigate potential problems and create policies and oversight that work in the interests of all its stakeholders.

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Featured books

High performance boards : Improving and energizing your governance
BoardCorporate Governance
A comprehensive guide to transforming boards and achieving best-practice governance in any organisation. When practising good governance, the board is the vital driver of organizational success, while fostering positive social impact and economic …
13 May 2020
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Inspiring stewardship
LeadershipEthicsOrganizational Behavior
Inspiring Stewardship helps leaders drive sustainable development and growth by balancing short- and long-term objectives amidst competing interests. By examining a range of exceptional individual and organisational stewards alongside insights fro…
By Didier Cossin and Ong Boon Hwee
31 May 2016
Hear from experts in the field

Expert guest speakers regularly join the High Performance Boards program. Hear what they have to say in our key highlights and conversations series.

A conversation with Michel Demaré, Chairman of the IMD Foundation and Supervisory Board
A conversation with Peter Maurer, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross
A conversation with Paul Bulcke, Chairman of Nestlé, Vice-Chairman of L’Oréal and Board Member of Roche
A conversation with Christoph Franz, Chairman of Roche Holding AG
A conversation with Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee
Guest Speaker Series with Christoph Franz, Chairman of Roche Holding AG
Guest Speaker Series with Michel M. Liès, Chairman of Board of directors, Zurich Insurance Company LTD
Guest Speaker Series with Olaug Svarva, Chair, DNB, ASA and Norfund
Guest Speaker Series with John Harrison, Board member, Cathay Pacific and AIA Group
About us

Founder and Director

Professor Didier Cossin
Chaired Professor of Governance and Finance Founder and Director of IMD Global Board Center

Didier Cossin works with owners, boards, and senior leaders to help them improve organizational performance through best-in-class governance and decision making.

Team members

Quentin Dufresne
Associate Director, GBC Clients & Operations
Sophie Coughlan
Global Board Center Associate Director
Stephen Smulowitz
Term Research Professor
Abraham Lu
Global Board Research Fellow
Jurgita Domeikaite
Administrative Assistant

Contributing faculty

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