About Corporate Governance Center

About Corporate Governance Center

Improving Board Performance

At IMD, we have dedicated our thinking and resources to improving board performance. This mission has now been active for over 40 years.

The IMD Global Board Center extends this even further. With a core agenda of supporting long-term organizational success through a strong board and brings together world-class thought leadership and global best practices in a systematic way to help boards reach their full potential. We address real-world issues in ways that can be used by boards to improve their performance and play a strategic role in their company’s success.

The center undertakes pioneering research into the diverse dimensions of governance and is viewed as a global benchmark for promoting advanced corporate governance thought and practices.

Our insights and thought leadership not only provide innovative material for our board education programs, but help set the agenda for better board practices and governance.


At IMD, we have dedicated our thinking and resources to supporting boards for the last 40 year.


The Center offers pioneering research, executive education and advisory services that bring together a unique team.

Board education is crucial because today’s CEOs are so overstretched. They are confronted with an incredible rise in complexity – from society, governments, alternative business models, global changes, new risks and opportunities and shifts in economic conditions

Professor Didier Cossin

With our deepest gratitude to UBS and Sandoz Foundation for supporting the Center