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Luxury 2050 Forum

Inspiring what could be, we want to shape the future of a more innovative, relevant, and environmentally and socially responsible luxury.

Luxury 2050 Forum

Inspiring what could be, we want to shape the future of a more innovative, relevant, and environmentally and socially responsible luxury.

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Our mission

The IMD Luxury 2050 Forum is a community that joins forces to share experiences, learnings, and views on the future of luxury in a trusted environment, and address the challenges and transformations of luxury brands. Inspiring what could be, we want to shape the future of a more innovative, relevant, and environmentally and socially responsible luxury.

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The Forum’s Parrain

Roberto Eggs 
Chief Strategy & Global Markets Officer, MONCLER Group

“It is an honour to be the second ‘Parrain’ of the IMD Luxury 2050 Forum. I look forward to interacting and sharing with this community my experiences and learnings in brand building, client experience, business development, innovation and leadership in the luxury field.”

The Forum’s Profile

Who are we?

A vibrant community with backgrounds in different cohorts and programs.

What we give?

An open space for networking, peer-to-peer learning, and mentoring, while leveraging the latest thought leadership from IMD and using learning as our instrument.

How are we different?

We create a difference by leveraging IMD’s unique position towards the C-suite and board executive audience.

Why we are coming together?

The luxury industry is constantly challenged by change and is facing significant headwinds going forward, from the metaverse, sustainability, or reinvention of the next traditions by new generations of leaders, to name a few. The shift to greater strategic, organizational, and leadership agility in luxury, therefore, comes with its own specifics. The pressures take different shapes depending on the sector. One thing is clear: plenty is at stake. Together, we want to grow stronger in navigating these challenges and seizing the opportunities that come along.

Join us today

Our success depends on ourselves and how active we are. Do reach out and join us in growing and developing the IMD Luxury Community network.

Advantages from joining the Forum:

  • Industry professionals exchange platform and network
  • Mentoring and business consultancy
  • Exclusive content, thought leadership, interviews, and events
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Executive Board: The Founders

I am thrilled to be an active part of the Luxury 2050 Forum. IMD’s program enriched me as a luxury brand founder and now we can all learn further from each other. Today’s luxury is experiencing a challenging awakening with deep redefinitions of its foundations and continuous innovations. We are here to dig in, support each other and grow together.

 - IMD Business School
Vanessa Signorini IMD Executive Program Marketing Management II 2016, Startup Founder and Entrepreneur

Luxury and its role in society are fascinating, and I explore them through the lens of business and psychology. I believe in a positive correlation between the performance of a company and the ability to learn. Therefore, it is my honor to build the IMD 2050 Luxury Forum with and for the leaders to share experiences and shape this exciting sector.

 - IMD Business School
Jana M. Arden MBA 2017, Head of Luxury Sector at Capgemini Switzerland

Luxury consumers are digging deeper into the meaning and purpose of the brands they select. Based on the IMD values – Pioneering, Open, Collaborative, and Brave – The IMD Luxury 2050 Forum is uniquely positioned. As an alumnus, I look forward to fostering exchanges and collaborations and empowering the next generation to build resilient societies.

 - IMD Business School
Renaud Falgas EMBA 2019, Underwriter, Financial Lines at Chubb

I entered the luxury industry after completing my IMD MBA and am deeply interested in the ways in which technology and innovation change perspectives of luxury by influencing our lifestyle and behavior. It is an honor to join this community, which I believe offers a diverse, expansive platform for IMD alumni to share experiences and expertise.

 - IMD Business School
Rui Meng MBA 2020, Head of Economics at YOOX-Net-a-Porter
Meet the Executive Board
Meet Vanessa Signorini
Meet Jana M. Arden
Meet Renaud Falgas
Meet Rui Meng
Advisory Committee

My year at IMD, and in particular the shared experiences with classmates, strongly influenced my career. I welcome the chance to engage with the greater IMD community through the Luxury 2050 Forum, exchanging ideas on the fast-evolving luxury industry and its role in the modern world.

 - IMD Business School
Barbara Rybka MBA 1991, Chief Customer Officer at Commerce Layer

I am more a consumer of luxury than an industry insider, though I suppose WiReD Magazine was a luxury product of sorts, which is why we sold it to Condé Nast. Now, digital is changing the nature of luxury – and the way we all relate to its products and services.

 - IMD Business School
Ian Stewart MBA 1988, Co-Founder at WiReD Magazine

As a founding member of the IMD 2050 Luxury Forum and a specialist in the luxury real estate arena, I have recommended the Forum innumerable times. IMD is ideally placed geographically and intellectually to act as a meeting point to crystalize engagement with the Alumni community and industry leaders in this dynamic, provocative, and fun industry.

 - IMD Business School
David Branch MBA 1991, International Realty Advisory Principal

Having attended a few IMD programs myself, I have become a loyal advocate of this academic institution. In my career, I have held senior positions in the luxury goods industry, which is a fascinating industry. To support the development of IMD’s Luxury 2050 Forum, I am thrilled to be able to put my expertise, ideas, and connections into the industry.

 - IMD Business School
Christoph Thomet High Performance Leadership Program (2007) and the Richemont Digital Leadership Program (2017), Dr. oec. HSG, Former CEO Richemont Middle East, India & Africa

IMD supports us through its Luxury 2050 Initiative spearheaded by Professor Stéphane J.G. Girod who directs the Reinventing Luxury Lab and writes columns about innovation and transformation in luxury in Forbes.

 - IMD Business School
Professor Stéphane J. Girod
Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation

Stéphane JG Girod’s research, teaching, and consulting focus on the development of business agility in response to the many forms of disruption faced by organizations in today’s world.

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