Measuring and Managing Sustainability Impact IMD Program Sustainability - IMD Business School Measuring and Managing Sustainability Impact IMD Program Sustainability - IMD Business School Measuring and Managing Sustainability Impact IMD Program Sustainability - IMD Business School
Blended program
Measuring and Managing Sustainability Impact

From ESG compliance to competitive advantage.

Blended program

Measuring and Managing Sustainability Impact

From ESG compliance to competitive advantage.

2.5 days on campus, 7 hours liVe virtual, 5 hours online
CHF 5,900
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29 May 2024

Managing ESG dimensions that matter

The impending emergence of new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting legislations will usher in a new era for businesses around the globe. Organizations of all sizes will be forced to project forward and report on a myriad of new targets, impacting how investors, customers, employees – and anyone who’s watching – sees them.  

To navigate this dynamic landscape, organizations must learn not only how to master ESG compliance for today, but leverage sustainability as a strategic advantage for tomorrow

On IMD’s Measuring and Managing Sustainability Impact program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of ESG measurement and reporting, and how to identify and select the right metrics for your organization. You’ll also explore how to anticipate the future of sustainability reporting and how to think beyond compliance to leverage your sustainability efforts for net positive impact. Finally, you’ll discover how to navigate the intricacies of operationalizing your strategy and how to engage diverse stakeholders for success.   

Through an engaging blend of interactive liVe virtual sessions, online modules, and in-person experiences, complemented by real-world case studies, this program empowers you to measure, manage, and operationalize sustainability strategies that will shape the future of your organization, and ultimately, contribute to the greater well-being of our planet. 

Master ESG reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of today’s ESG reporting requirements and hone your ability to foresee upcoming trends in sustainability measurement.  

Define your reporting metrics

Learn how to identify key sustainability metrics for your business and translate your sustainability strategy into tangible, actionable KPIs.  

Gain a competitive edge

Venture beyond mere compliance and acquire the skills to operationalize and steer sustainability strategies towards a competitive advantage.  

Shape your narrative

Explore the art of translating your sustainability strategy into a compelling narrative for your stakeholders.   

Manage your sustainability transition

Discover how to expertly navigate your sustainability transition and effectively manage key stakeholders.  

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You and your class

You are an accomplished middle or senior manager aiming to amplify your influence on sustainability within your organization. You are eager to refine and optimize your sustainability efforts, taking your company’s transformation to the next level. Additionally, you might be keen on incorporating ESG measurement and reporting into your strategy to gain a competitive advantage and wish to broaden your expertise in sustainability to champion excellence.

Join a diverse community of leaders and change-makers committed to steering sustainable transformations.   

Typical participant profiles include: Head of Operations, Head of Strategy, Corporate Strategy Executives, Head of Accounting/Reporting, Sustainability Managers, Legal and Compliance Officers, Public Relations and Communications Specialists.

Your learning journey

Embark on an immersive learning experience designed for maximum impact on your development. Learn from cutting-edge research, real-world examples, guest lecturers, case studies, and dynamic group discussions. With the support of an executive coach, transform your newly acquired knowledge into operational success. 

Immersive experience

Your IMD learning experience will seamlessly combine liVe virtual, online, and in-person engagement, designed to deliver maximum impact on your development. 

Tailored to your busy schedule

The program is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your demanding schedule blending a  limited on-campus commitment (2.5 days) with engaging, technology-mediated interactions.

Community of peers

Forge connections with like-minded global peers tackling similar challenges and united in pursuing sustainability excellence. 

Module 1 – The fundamentals of ESG compliance

LiVe virtual and online 
Starts 2 weeks before the on-campus module 

  • Get introduced to the learning journey. 
  • Dive into compelling case studies that set the stage for the importance of ESG governance.  
  • Uncover the fundamental upcoming changes in the realm of ESG reporting and measurement.  
  • Explore the critical areas essential for measuring and managing sustainability success.  
  • Assess how and why sustainability has become a key item on the reporting agenda through the lens of materiality. 
Module 2 – From compliance to competitive advantage

On campus, 2.5 days

  • Gain a strategic view on sustainability measurement and learn how to anticipate changes in the sustainability reporting landscape.   
  • Take a deep dive into the “E” (environmental) dimension. Discover a framework for measuring environmental impact and identify KPIs for success.  
  • Delve into the “S” (social) and “G” (governance) aspects of sustainability.  Explore best practices and effective measurement and management approaches for these critical areas.  
  • Learn to skillfully manage the sustainability transition. Gain insights on how to implement your strategy, address trade-offs between cost and benefits, and navigate political challenges. 
Module 3 – Transform knowledge into operational success

LiVe virtual 
Starts one week after the on-campus module 

  • Put your newly acquired insights and skills into action by working on a tangible project directly relevant to your role and organization.  
  • Engage in interactive small group discussions guided by an executive coach and receive valuable feedback and input from your peers to fine-tune your project planning and implementation strategy. 
  • Join your peer homegroup for a dynamic session with the program director. Exchange insights, address critical bottlenecks, explore opportunities, and seek solutions to any open questions as you progress with your specific project. 

Detailed schedule 2024




Module 1

The fundamentals of ESG compliance

  • 29 May - 7 June 

  • 29 May 13:30-15:00 

  • 5 June 13:30-15:00

  • Additional online engagement (self-paced)

3 hours of liVe engagement with additional online interaction

Module 2

From compliance to competitive advantage

10 - 12 June

2.5 days on campus

Module 3

Transform knowledge into operational success

  • 17 June - 1 July

  • 17 - 21 June* Group coaching session (1.5 hours)

  • 24 - 28 June* Group coaching session (1.5 hours)

  • 1 July* Office hour with Program Director (1 hour)

  • *Meeting time subject to participant availability

4 hours of liVe engagement with peers, coach, and faculty with additional self-paced work on individual project

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We’re at a pivotal phase in history where companies now need to measure and report ESG dimensions based on mandatory sustainability standards. But those who venture beyond basic compliance to leveraging sustainability strategies for competitive success are the ones who stand to win the future.

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Length: 2.5 days on campus, 7 hours liVe virtual, 5 hours online

29 May – 1 Jul 2024
2.5 days on campus, 7 hours liVe virtual, 5 hours online
CHF 5,900

Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are included.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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