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Solutions for Organizations
Elevate your leaders, transform your organization
Solutions for Organizations

Elevate your leaders, transform your organization

IMD provides a wide range of corporate solutions designed to help organizations develop essential capabilities, drive transformation, and maintain a competitive edge for sustained long-term success.

Throughout history, leaders and organizations have always had to adapt to changes in technology, society, and the environment. This challenge is not new. What makes this era unique is the scale, depth, and speed of these changes. Today, organizations need to constantly review their strategies and develop new skills, both on an individual leader and an organizational level, to maintain their competitive edge.

Rooted in the world of business, and dedicated to serving it, we leverage a profound comprehension of this ever-evolving landscape to deliver agile and pertinent solutions to help empower organizations and their leaders to not only survive but thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

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From advisory work delivered by Catalyst, to strategic talent solutions, cutting-edge custom programs, acceleration sprints for thousands of employees, open programs to quickly level up individual capabilities to Executive Coaching; either virtual, in-person or blended, we adapt to your needs and requirements. 

Because every organization’s journey is unique, our solutions can be seamlessly integrated or stand alone to address particular challenges or objectives. Additionally, our pioneering NEXUS offering operates as a partnership platform, granting access to all of IMD’s solutions through a credit system to provide unmatched flexibility and value.

Anna Dunand, Chief Business Development Officer, standing on the IMD Lausanne campus gardens - IMD Business School

IMD is uniquely positioned in the field of Executive and Organizational Development, combining our business and academic expertise to deliver solutions that are truly impactful for our clients and their Executives. We are flexible and agile, and tailor our solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. With an inspiring and entrepreneurial environment, we challenge what is, and inspire what could be every day. We strive to share this vision with our clients, inspiring them to continually challenge convention for a better future.

Anna Dunand Chief Business Development Officer
Why work with IMD

World-class faculty from 35 different nationalities responsible for program directorship, program design and delivery of impact.


Our extensive network and strong ties to the business community allow us to offer valuable insights and perspectives through expert speakers and advisors.


We aim to offer the latest learning experiences through technology and innovation for our clients and participants.


We are dedicated to delivering tangible impact. We work with each organization to set relevant indicators, aligning outcomes with business goals.


Every journey is different. We adapt to your organization’s unique needs to tailor a bespoke learning experience.