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Open programs
Drive your organization to excellence with IMD’s Open Programs
Open programs

Drive your organization to excellence with IMD’s Open Programs

Open programs complement custom corporate learning initiatives, addressing individual learning needs to help organizations build vital capabilities, drive transformation, and sustain long-term competitiveness.

IMD offers more than 75 specialized programs tailored for both individuals and teams across diverse organizational levels, featuring various topics, durations, and formats — including programs suitable for cascading throughout your teams, so everyone can operate on the same frequency.

Executive empowerment

Multiple development opportunities to support your leaders and executives in becoming more confident with solution-oriented mindsets and can-do attitudes.

Drive impact

Enhance collaboration, develop agility & foster innovation within your organization by sending teams or individuals to the same programs, allowing for a shared language and common forward-driving actions.

Outside-in perspective

Expose your executives to IMD’s world-class faculty and to peers from across the globe, allowing for an outside-in approach, gaining new perspectives to overcoming challenges and achieving the organization’s objectives.


With more than 75 programs to choose from across a range of topics, lengths and formats, we offer full flexibility to personalize the learning needs for your executives and curate a learning journey that suits your organization’s needs.

Continuous guidance

We offer guidance before and during the learning journeys, with advisors that help you and your teams navigate our offering, finding the best option for each need.

Featured programs

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For individuals and teams
Orchestrating Winning Performance program

Boost your leader’s performance, broaden their perspectives, and get ready to seize new business opportunities. This program brings the latest research and insights from IMD’s world-class faculty.

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Sprint format
Sprint programs. Scale, speed, impact.

Training solutions from one employee to 20,000. Sprint programs ensure you drive results for your organization in ways that are innovative, time-effective and scalable.

  • General Management
  • Leadership
  • Digital, AI & Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Board & Governance
  • Role Transitions
  • General Management Programs

    General management programs allow participants to broaden their cross-functional knowledge and develop essential new leadership capabilities.


    A wide variety of leadership programs which allow executives and teams to develop their strengths, build awareness, inspire and mobilize their teams, steer organizational change, and restore confidence in these challenging times.

    Digital, AI & Innovation

    IMD’s digital & innovation courses are designed to ensure that your organization stays ahead in the digital age while establishing strategic innovation as an integral part of your leaders’ style. Equip your talent with the latest tools, knowledge and skills to understand data, harness digital disruption, and lead your organization through its transformation.

    Sustainability Programs

    IMD sustainability programs support executives and organizations in their entire sustainability journey. From setting the foundations of change, to building a long-term roadmap to embrace sustainable business models, those programs will help you future-proof your organization and benefit society.

    Corporate Governance Programs

    A broad portfolio of board programs for leaders to develop essential governance skills and prepare the company’s board to face the challenges of a complex world.

    The Absa-IMD experience

    Absa’s learning journeys are customized experiences built primarily on open programs, looking to integrate external perspectives to their leaders’s development and achieving personalized solutions for each one.

    Not sure what are the best programs for your organizational needs?

    Whether choosing an on-campus, liVe Virtual or online program, it’s essential to choose the right one to support your organization’s objectives. Join us for a masterclass or a program information session and experience for yourself what IMD has to offer and how we can best serve your organization.

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