On campus program
Leading High-Performance Teams

Transform your team into a dream team.

On campus program

Leading High-Performance Teams

Transform your team into a dream team.

Location Lausanne

Length 3 days

Fee CHF 6,900

Next program starts 17 October 2023

Build and sustain a high-performance team

What does your team look like today? Do your team members excel at collaborating in a constructive, positive way? Can they maximize their creative and innovation potential? What can you do to improve engagement, initiative, and the seizing of learning opportunities?

IMD’s Leading High-Performance Teams is a highly interactive and immersive on-campus experience. It enables you as a leader to build and sustain a high-performing team by maximizing your team’s talent and innovation potential through trust-building, inclusive leadership, and growth mindset.

Discover how, by focusing on inclusive leadership, interaction, creativity, and imagination, you can empower your team and enhance dynamics, ensuring that each person contributes his or her unique talents and surpasses expectations.


Develop awareness – in a trusting, supportive environment – of how you formally and informally lead teams.

Inclusive leadership

Explore inclusive leadership, growth mindset, team dynamics and communication.

Team toolbox

Gain tools and behaviors that positively impact team dynamics for higher performance and business growth.

Connected teams

Strengthen your ability to bond with your team and drive organizational success in physical, virtual and hybrid contexts.

You and your class

Are you are an executive who formally or informally leads teams and where strong and cohesive teamwork is an essential part of execution and innovation efforts in your organization? Then join other executives from different industries, cultures, and nationalities for an enriching learning experience that will help you transform your team.

Your class is carefully selected to ensure a truly diverse group of global peers. Your class will become a trusted resource, encourage your learning journey and surprise you in many unanticipated beneficial ways both during and beyond your classroom experience.

2023 class profile (average data)




Senior & C-level


average age



Individually, none of The Beatles was a virtuoso musician. But together they produced some of the most innovative music in history. The magic happens when team members spark each other’s curiosity and are accountable for each other’s growth.

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Ina Toegel Program Director
Next start & fee

Length: 3 days on campus, with pre- & post-program coaching.

17 Oct – 19 Oct 2023
3 days
CHF 6,900
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