Blended program
Inclusive Leadership

Lead with empathy, intention and purpose

Blended program

Inclusive Leadership

Lead with empathy, intention and purpose

Location Blended

Length 1 half-day liVe virtual (3h), 3 weeks self-paced with coaching & 2.5 days at IMD campus

Fee CHF 5,900

Next program starts 5 October 2023

From confronting bias to achieving breakthrough: Unleash the power of inclusive leadership

In today’s workplace, impactful leadership goes beyond achieving targets and delivering results. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels seen, valued, and heard, and where people of diverse backgrounds and talents come together to drive success.

Research shows that companies that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more agile, competitive, and creative. They are also better at attracting and retaining top talents. Meanwhile, the gap between those who are doing it right and those doing nothing at all is widening. Thus, the ability to foster an inclusive environment has become a highly sought-after skill. Leaders who have the know-know and tools to do so are a real asset to any organization.

Do you have what it takes to become a key enabler of an inclusive workplace? Are you fully equipped to role model and communicate organizational values and priorities?

IMD’s Inclusive Leadership program takes you on a journey of self-reflection and growth to uncover the complexities of identity, culture, and intersectionality, and identify what it really means to adopt an inclusive mindset. Learn how to overcome barriers to inclusion, communicate effectively with diverse teams, and implement diversity management strategies for organizational success.

Set the stage

Understand the significance of DEI for organizations, its potential for creating new opportunities, and how mismanagement manifests for various stakeholders.

Gain a new perspective

Examine how social identities shape behavior at work and challenge your assumptions and biases. Reflect on how your own experiences affect your interactions with colleagues.

Experiment and act

Experience exclusion in the workplace first-hand to develop your awareness of what it feels like to be different. Learn how to flip your privilege(s) into allyship.

Engage in authentic conversations

Improve your communication skills by overcoming the fear of discussing difficult topics and exploring how to facilitate open, honest, and productive conversations on diversity.

Ignite change

Explore your sphere and levers of influence and how you can positively impact change throughout your organization and open new opportunities for innovation, creativity, and growth.

You and your class

Connect with a global network of leaders who value inclusion and want to nurture it within their teams.

Are you a leader seeking to improve the way you manage a diverse team? An executive eager to develop a more inclusive mindset to navigate today’s complex business environment? Or are you in a role directly related to creating a more inclusive organizational culture?

Join other professionals who view inclusion as a business imperative and an essential component of a healthy workplace culture. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, experiential learning, and peer-to-peer exchanges, all designed to empower you with the tools and strategies needed to create positive change in your organization – and beyond.

Embrace the journey towards inclusive leadership. Develop personal goals and guiding principles that lead to greater inclusivity. Become a confident advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, driving your organization towards its goals.
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Corinne Post Program Director

The nature of leadership is that you’re never done. As the world changes, true leaders embrace opportunities to advance their skills. In times of rapid social change, being able to lead inclusively is essential for team and organizational performance.
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David Bach Dean of Innovation and Programs
Your learning journey: Inspire change for a culture of excellence
Module 1 – Setting the stage (3 weeks before on-campus module)

Live virtual, 3 hours
5 October 2023 @1-4pm CEST

• Explore the importance of DEI.
• Evaluate the costs of DEI mismanagement.
• Discuss what management/mismanagement of diversity looks like in organizations.
• Identify the biggest DEI challenge/opportunity in your organization.
• Discover the foundational principles of human behavior.

Module 2 – Building awareness (3 weeks before on-campus module)

Self-paced with coaching support, 3 weeks
9-27 October 2023

• Think deeply about one or intersecting aspect(s) of your identity related to diversity
• Discuss in-depth how your experience compares and differs with a peer.

Module 3 – Acquiring skills for impact

On campus, 2.5 days
30 October – 1 November 2023

• Reflect and debrief on your module 2 experience.
• Understand individuals through different lenses and explore how stigmas are created.
• Discover how to become an ally and equip others for success.
• Develop responses to resistance and organizational pushback.
• Equip yourself to redefine your personal place, purpose, and influence in creating an inclusive organization.

Next start & fee

Length: 1 half-day liVe virtual, 3 weeks self-paced with coaching & 2.5 days at IMD campus.

5 Oct – 1 Nov 2023
0.5 day virtual, 3 weeks self-paced with coaching & 2.5 days at IMD campus
CHF 5,900
8 Apr – 3 May 2024
0.5 day virtual, 3 weeks self-paced with coaching & 2.5 days at IMD campus
CHF 5,900

Tuition, teaching materials, and lunch are included.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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