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DE&I: Small steps for big changes

IbyIMD+21 June 2024 • by Alexander Fleischmann in I by IMD Book Club

Corporate DE&I is not simply a question of fairness. Implemented successfully, it pays off for both the company and society in general. Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, author of Diversity Dividend, discusses how it’s done...

As Chair of the Executive Leadership Research Initiative for Women and Minority Attorneys at Harvard Law School and author of Diversity DividendThe Transformational Power of Small Changes to Debias Your Company, Attract Diverse Talent, Manage Everyone Better and Make More Money, Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio knows more than a thing or two about the benefits that successful implementation of DE&I measures can bring companies.

Despite a large and growing industry on corporate DE&I, and a huge number of ‘how-to’ texts out there, why do so many companies seem to struggle to get it right? One of the main reasons according to Cecchi-Dimeglio, and one of the main motivations for writing Diversity Dividend, is the gap between theory and application.

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