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For individuals, teams and organizations
IMD Executive Coaching Services

Unlock your full leadership potential with executive coaching.

For individuals, teams and organizations

IMD Executive Coaching Services

Unlock your full leadership potential with executive coaching.

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Accelerate your transformation with executive coaching

Welcome to IMD’s Executive Coaching Services, a pioneer in leveraging the power of coaching for executive education. Our mission is to accelerate and sustain your development and transformation, as a leader, a team, or an organization. We offer a courageous and actionable coaching approach that raises self-awareness, challenges assumptions, and reveals blind spots.

This personalized learning journey anchors knowledge, accelerates performance, and fosters an environment of continuous learning and adaptation. Engaging with our experienced coaches provides you with personal insight as well as practical tools to enhance your leadership skills. Whether you choose coaching as a stand-alone journey or as an integrated component of a program learning path, we are committed to fostering continuous learning, accelerating your performance every step of the way.

Executive coaching is a transformative process of self development.

Coaching has a remarkable power to develop and transform individuals, teams, and organizations, designed to enhance leadership skills and accelerate behavior changes in a highly personalized way.

Fully customized approach

Benefit from fully customized, experiential coaching, in close proximity to your business reality. We offer the “perfect match” between your needs and our executive coaching solutions.

Diverse and agile coaching pool

Get access to a diverse and agile pool of around 300 coaches each selected for their diverse practices and impact.

Integrated into your strategy

Navigating a high level of complexity, we offer thought leadership and insights, integrating coaching into a broader transformation strategy for our clients.

Tailored to your needs

We adjust our offerings to suit various seniority levels, from middle managers to board members, covering both leadership and business dimensions for developmental or transformational journeys.

Your executive coaching journey

The executive coaching journey is a transformative process of self-development, designed to enhance leadership skills and accelerate behavior changes in a highly personalized way:

Step 1 – Calibration of needs: The process begins with the calibration of needs, conducted by our coaching excellence team. This involves taking the time to thoroughly understand the coaching objectives, the need for development or transformation, and alignment on success measures.

Step 2 – Identifying your coach: Based on the calibration, we identify the ideal coach or construct the appropriate coaching solution.

Step 3 – Chemistry check: Once a potential coach has been identified, we arrange calls for the executive and coach(es) to evaluate their compatibility. In the case of teams, the chemistry check is conducted at the team level.

Step 4 – Coaching journey: Throughout this journey, follow-ups and feedback are integral components, ensuring that progress is being made towards achieving the set objectives.

IMD’s coaching approach is designed to truly personalize learning, anchor and embed knowledge, accelerate performance and foster an environment of continuous learning and adaptation.

Get started now with your coaching journey

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We are proud to partner with our world-class IMD coaching community, which leverages a rich and diverse range of coaching practices to provide the best service to our clients.


Séverine Jourdain
Executive Director of Coaching and Leadership Excellence

Harnessing IMD coaches unique expertise

IMD Coaching is distinguished by our unwavering commitment to excellence. We’ve built a unique coaching community that harnesses a wide range of expertise, fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem of coaching research and practices.

Our experienced executive coaching pool consists of around 300 independent coaches, each selected and nurtured for their diverse practices and impact. Each coach in our pool is not only highly qualified and trained but also brings a wealth of experience in working with senior leaders across various industries and cultures. The richness of our coaching community is further amplified by the cultural diversity of our coaches. They bring unique perspectives and insights from their varied cultural backgrounds, which adds depth to our coaching practices and enhances the learning experience for our clients.

300 coaches
55/45 women/men
28 languages
5 continents

Extraordinary. The individual coaching was really tailored to my personal needs. The coach was outstanding and was able to strike just the right balance between emotional and rational/business aspects. I was guided in my own realization of certain behaviors that i had and still have. This will help me in understanding my future choices.

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Ksenija Pavletic Operational Investor – JEITO; former Chief Executive Officer – PregLem SA
Meet the team
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Séverine Jourdain
Executive Director of Coaching and Leadership Excellence

Séverine Jourdain is a recognized executive leadership and business senior coach with 20+ years’ experience, ICF MCC credentialed, supporting C-Suite individuals, leadership teams, and full organizations to thrive.

 - IMD Business School
Loïck Batumba
Operations and Client Relationship Manager

Loïck Batumba manages all activities related to IMD’s coaching operations and client relationships. He identifies customer learning and development needs and suggests the best solutions.

 - IMD Business School
Quynh An Nguyen
Coaching Excellence Coordinator

An Nguyen is the central point of contact for general IMD coaching activities, including the management of the Coaching Community, IMD Executive Coaching Certificate and Executive Coaching Services.

IMD coaching corner

In this series, we share real-world, practical coaching scenarios. Read on to discover the specific challenges highlighted in the cases and the insights that could help you navigate and find solutions to your own multifaceted challenges. How might these insights and questions apply to you?

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IMD Executive Coaching Certificate program

Are you a coach, in transition, or looking to enhance your leadership with coaching skills? Discover IMD Executive Coaching Certificate:

Coaching is one of the most critical skills you can master today to ensure continuing development and positive growth in your leadership, business, and life. With IMD Executive Coaching Certificate you embark on an immersive journey that equips you with powerful coaching tools, methodologies, and approaches for guiding others towards positive change.