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Innovation programs

Future-proof your business through innovation

Innovation programs

Future-proof your business through innovation

Drive the right strategies to stay ahead in a fast-changing market

IMD’s innovation courses are designed to ensure that strategic innovation becomes an integral part of your leadership style

Our portfolio of innovation programs enables you to enhance your capabilities and combine ideas development with action learning such as rapid prototyping. You will work on group projects with your classmates, who will become your trusted innovation network.

Discover the latest insights from our world-class faculty, and gain practical knowledge and new skills to drive innovation. You will: 

  • Equip yourself with tools for implementing innovation successfully.
  • Learn to drive strategies that ensure your business remains competitive amid disruption.
  • Explore how to nurture an innovation culture within your organization.
  • Discover new business opportunities.
  • Ideate, prototype and test.

You can choose to embark on your innovation learning journey on campus, in a live Virtual format or online.

Build comprehensive skills

Develop a comprehensive leadership skillset to effectively drive your organization, grounded in today’s complex realities.

Prepare for transitions

Accelerate readiness to transition to higher levels of responsibility in fast-changing, turbulent environments.

Be a better strategic decision-maker and resilient leader

Hone your decision-making skills and restore your confidence and energy for new sources of inspiration.

Gain an outside-in perspective

Make sense of and think critically about the impact and potential opportunities presented by disruptive market forces on your business. Learn from peers.

“What are some of the biggest myths about innovation?”

Learn more about innovation at IMD, as William Fischer and Charles Fine, Driving Strategic Innovation program directors, share their take on the myths surrounding this topic.

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Not sure what is the best program for you?

Whether choosing an on-campus, liVe Virtual or online program, it’s essential to choose the right one to support your professional aspirations and goals. Join us for a masterclass or a program information session and experience for yourself what IMD has to offer you, your career and your future.

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