Eight ways for an outsider to successfully get on board

18 hours ago • by Søren Toft in Magazine • 9 min read

Søren Toft, CEO of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, makes the case for respecting the legacy of a family-owned business when taking the helm....

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CEO Dialogue

With Marcus Wallenberg

The chairman of Wallenberg Investments AB and FAM AB explains to Jean-Francois Manzoni why working for the benefit of his native Sweden is so important.

Brain Circuits

Brain Circuits

Tip #1: lead don't manage


Adapt to survive and thrive

Family enterprises are among the most resilient businesses in the world. But now more than ever striking the right balance between resilience and adaptability is vital. In Issue 8 of I by IMD we present crucial insights into how families can face up to the challenges created by a world in flux.


ManagementCast Jennifer Jordan

New series

The future of mega dive, with professor Cyril Bouquet

Whether in the boardroom or the classroom, business strategies will continue to emerge and evolve. As long as there are commercial opportunities to chase, there will be an incentive to improve.

Some ideas, though, aren’t limited to commercial applications; and IMD Professor Cyril Bouquet says his mega dive approach is one of them. In the words of the award-winning researcher, improvements in technology will only lead to greater returns on training.

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Live Events

Placing sustainability at the core of luxury brand desirability

Join us on February 9, where Stéphane J.G. Girod, Professor of Strategy and Organizational Innovation, will give insight on the prospects of sustainability in luxury.

The Future of Competitive Strategy

On 23 March 2023, Professor Mohan Subramaniam will discuss with Professor Phil Rosenzweig some key frameworks from his book and will share many examples of legacy firms who are making the necessary transition to compete effectively in a changing digital world.


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