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Leadership is about we and good business is about you. So, why the name I for our magazine? Because even the best teams and organizations rely on individuals to take bold action.

Reframing the art of business

The art of business issue

The curious worlds of art and creativity that appear to orbit a different sun to planet "business" are interconnected. What might we discover as leaders and organizations if we explore the intersection between art, creativity, and business?

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Issue 13 magazine cover

Leading in the age of AI

The artificial intelligence issue

AI is revolutionizing the world of business, at pace. How do executives guarantee this mass adoption benefits both their organizations and society? In Issue XIII of I by IMD, we explore how to lead effectively - and responsibly - in the age of AI.

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Issue XII cover Impact Economy

Invest in impact

The impact economy issue

To secure a more sustainable and inclusive future, we need creative ideas and partnerships that reimagine the global economy. In Issue XII of I by IMD, we explore how the fast-emerging “impact economy” is changing the way we do business – and the world.

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Cover Issue XI

Leading systems change

The sustainability transformation issue

No organization can escape the need to transform to become more sustainable. The need to act is urgent. It calls for strong leadership, difficult decisions, and deep cultural change. In Issue XI, we explore how to build sustainable organizations to succeed in turbulent times.

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Issue 10 magazine cover Inclusive Leadership

Creating opportunities from diversity

The inclusive issue

Organizations must become more inclusive and diverse to thrive in the future: the business case is as a compelling as the moral imperative. How can executives foster inclusion to unlock the power of diversity, while recognizing and tackling inequity and discrimination? In Issue X, we explore how leaders can build organizations and design products and services that are truly inclusive.

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I by IMD magazine polycrisis Issue 9

New approaches to dealing with challenges

The polycrisis issue

Geopolitical tensions, persistent inflation, economic weakness, climate change, and sustainability. Business leaders are dealing with an unprecedented range of challenges simultaneously, making it harder than ever to know how to prioritize, navigate, and communicate effectively with teams. Scenario planning, listening and leading in new ways are part of the answer. In Issue IX, we unpack new approaches to dealing with the polycrisis that's facing us.

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Family Fortitude Issue 8

Adapt to survive and thrive

The family business issue

Family enterprises are among the most resilient businesses in the world. But now more than ever striking the right balance between resilience and adaptability is vital. In Issue VIII, we present crucial insights into how families can face up to the challenges created by a world in flux.

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IbyIMD issue 7 blurry background final

Protect and survive

The cybersecurity issue

Leaders must understand that cyber is a business issue, not just for IT to tackle. In Issue VII, our experts unpack the essential elements of a successful organizational cyber strategy.

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Magazine issue 6 The power issue

Who is calling the shots?

The power issue

From CXOs to Gen Z activists, our experts examine where the real sway lies. In Issue VI, we explore the shifting centers of command and how leaders can inspire, empower and wield influence for good.

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Issue 5 inventory of change

Competitors as friends

Inventory of change

Inflation, e-commerce and geopolitical conflict are all driving change in global supply chains. In Issue V, we explore what is next in these chain reactions.

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Cultivating ambidexterity

Leadership progression

How can organizations identify and cultivate tomorrow’s leaders? Employers cannot expect employee commitment unless they reciprocate. Issue IV explores novel and practical ideas on how to ensure that today's top hire does not become tomorrow's high-profile departure.

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Magazine Issue 3

The time for action is now

Sustainable leadership

Amid rising demand from customers, employees and investors, companies have moved sustainability to the top of their agendas. In Issue III, we explore how leaders are transforming their industries today to avoid disaster.

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Issue 2 magazine cover

Get out of your bubble

The state of corporate wellbeing

Issue II explores the managerial imperatives behind maintaining mental health in the workplace, analyzes the problems raised by the pandemic, and offers solutions that will help avoid burnout in teams.

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Issue 1 Magazine

Disruption drives innovation

The business of entertainment

In Issue I of I by IMD, we explore the impact of governance, geography and timing across sports, gaming and the arts, presenting the winners and losers one year after the pandemic hit.

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