China Initiative

Thrive with China’s ecosystem

China Initiative

Thrive with China’s ecosystem

With our strong intellectual foundation and our extensive experience working with multinational corporations and leading Chinese companies in China, IMD provides increasingly sought-after research, insights, and in-country practice into what it takes to thrive in this complex and important market. 

Featured research and insights

Explore our latest research and insights into the incredible cross-sector innovation happening in China.

HBR China management firms Mark Greeven
How Chinese companies are reinventing management

by Mark J Greeven, Katherine Xin and George S Yip, Harvard Business Review

Becoming China-ready

by Mark J Greeven, I by IMD

Why innovators in China stay close to the market

by Neil C Thompson, Didier Bonnet, Mark J Greeven, Wenjing Lyu and Sarah Jaballah, MIT Sloan Management Review blog

IMD China Innovation Indicator

Which food and beverage companies in China are the most competitive?

China’s cutthroat retail competition is spurred on by a range of factors from digital advances to changing customer journeys. IMD’s China Innovation Indicator takes an in-depth look at China’s top  food and beverage companies and tracks how likely they are to move toward a new knowledge discipline and competence.

Featured study

Innovating in Asia in 2023

As Asia’s GDP has grown from 26% to 38% of global GDP over the past two decades, European and American companies have increased their innovation footprint across the region. Based on survey results and interviews with 83 professionals involved in leading or supporting innovation activities in Asia for their companies, the ‘Innovation in Asia’ study examines what companies need to do to maintain their competitive edge.