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Building bridges with China

IMD China

Building bridges with China

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Thrive with China’s ecosystem

With our strong intellectual foundation and our extensive experience working with multinational corporations and leading Chinese companies, IMD provides increasingly sought-after insight and in-country practice into understanding and thriving in China. This technologically advanced economic powerhouse is growing ever more complex; our aim is to assist multinationals in demystifying it. In doing so, we aim to improve their growth and impact in China.


The biggest risk when doing business in China is not to be in China.

Mark J Greeven Professor of Innovation and Strategy, and CEO of IMD China

We support global companies in China 

IMD is well positioned to support multinational corporations in growing their footprint and impact in China. Companies that IMD and our faculty have partnered with include Danfoss, DSM, Groupe SEB, Johnson & Johnson, Lyreco, Luxottica, Novartis, Philips, Tetra Pak, and Vanderlande. 

We support companies through:

1. China Immersion

A unique opportunity to meet with top Chinese companies and business leaders to build bridges and inspire your executive team 

2. Executive Development

IMD provides strategic in-country support to multinational executives based in China and works with them to develop their leadership competencies  

3. China Innovation

We put our research and experience to work to enable your innovation capability in China

4. China Outlook

We share our insight into the latest developments in China and how these may impact your organization’s outlook

5. China Strategy

We help you to hone your China strategy to ensure its future readiness 

We work with leading Chinese companies 

Not only do we help multinationals better understand and work in China but we also build bridges between China and the rest of the world. We work with leading Chinese companies on their globalization strategies and help them to develop their executives’ leadership capabilities, both inside and outside China.

We support Chinese companies with dedicated programs and advice on the following priorities:

1. Leading Ambidex

We provide Chinese companies a systematic and integrated approach to face the challenges of simultaneously optimizing existing business while creating future sources of revenue and profit

2. Future Ready Innovation

Future Readiness helps Chinese companies navigate a reality of fast and frequent change, to overcome adversity, spur innovation, and thrive amid uncertainty

3. Building Digital Ecosystems

Building Digital Ecosystems brings Chinese companies deep insights into high-performing digital ecosystems from the perspectives of East and West

4. International Growth Strategies

International Growth Strategies helps Chinese companies find the right opportunities and strategies to successfully grow into new markets

5. Winning Sustainability Strategies

Winning Sustainability Strategies is designed to help Chinese companies integrate sustainability into strategies to maintain their competitive edges

6. Building Family Office

We help Chinese enterprising families become the best version of themselves, reinforce their business ecosystems and unlock opportunities in order to ensure family unity and multi-generational success

7. High Performance Boards

High Performance Boards provides an essential board member training for Chinese companies regarding issues related to supervisory board performance and effectiveness

Thought leadership and insights 

We develop cutting-edge thought leadership on Chinese companies and China’s role in the world.

We partner with leading institutions 

We develop joint programs to bridge the divide between China and the rest of the world, including:

  • Building Digital Ecosystems, a joint program developed with CKGSB, China’s first privately funded and research-driven business school, that brings deep insights into high-performing digital ecosystems perspectives of the East and West.  
  • Our Asia Next program, developed with the Asia Society Switzerland, which focuses on developing Asian competence, defined as the ability to operate in an Asian context.

In addition, Mark Greeven, CEO of IMD China, is affiliated with Zhejiang University, one of Asia’s leading research universities. 

Contact us 

Would you like to find out more about IMD’s work in China? Get in touch with the IMD China team:  [email protected]