The Future Readiness Indicator

A project by IMD’s Center for Future Readiness

The Future Readiness Indicator

A project by IMD’s Center for Future Readiness

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What does it mean to be future–ready?

The more uncertain the world seems to be, the more important it is for companies to engage in future-proofing. This is because corporate success depends on one’s preparedness for future disruptions; therefore, future readiness is a source of resilience for companies.

Our Future Readiness Indicator is designed to measure a company’s readiness for deep, long-term, secular trends. We use a rule-based methodology to arrive at a composite score for each company, enabling us to identify industry leaders. We can then investigate the behaviors and attitudes of specific companies.

Our latest Future Readiness Indicator includes six industries:

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Key Insights from the Future Readiness Indicator

It’s hard not to be worried when confronted with surging inflation, energy crisis, supply chain disruption, and geopolitical decoupling. But smart companies don’t simply curtail corporate development. They don’t blindly scale back every innovation during tough times. Instead, they prioritize; they choose. Being future-ready means delivering today and winning tomorrow.

Companies that are the most future ready

We’ve ranked 68 of the world’s top revenue-generating companies in finance, automotive, and consumer packaged goods, based on their ability to anticipate future challenges and limit current risk exposure, using our Future Readiness Indicator. See how Tesla, BYD, and VW are redrawing the lines in the automotive sector. Witness how Coca-Cola, P&G, and L’Oréal are leveraging AI to innovate and captivate consumers. And observe how Mastercard, Visa, and JPMorgan Chase are pioneering the finance world.

Research methodology

Within each industry, highly ranked companies repeatedly reinvent themselves. They redefine how to design and manufacture their products, or they reimagine how to deliver their services.

More about our research methods on building the Indicator and on A.I. powered text analysis.

Concept of LEAP


Future-ready organizations “leap” repeatedly. They have leaped from their historic areas of expertise to new knowledge: they are outward-looking; they are curious; they assimilate new concepts from other industries. You can learn more about the concept of leaping by clicking here.

How future-ready companies can weather the downturn

Companies that are future-ready demonstrate market resilience and are “recession-proof” in difficult economic times. This was the key takeaway from our latest Future Readiness Indicator 2022 report.

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