Online program
Mastering Board Governance

Principles and best practices for board membership.

Online program

Mastering Board Governance

Principles and best practices for board membership.

Location Online

Length 5 weeks
(4-6 hours per week)

Fee CHF 1,950

Next program starts 11 September 2023

Certification Receive IMD certificate upon completion

Make a meaningful contribution to corporate governance

What is the role and responsibility of a board? How can governance make or break an organization? How can good governance contribute to society?

Effective governance is a key driver of growth and, increasingly, a distinctive competitive advantage for any organization. IMD’s Mastering Board Governance program will give you a deep understanding of the principles and practices of good governance, and the roles and responsibilities of a board.

Throughout your learning journey, you’ll gain hands-on knowledge that you will put to immediate use by participating in weekly immersive board simulations.

This program will build your understanding of effective business decision-making and group dynamics and enable you to make meaningful contributions to a board.

Gain a solid understanding of how governance drives organizational performance.

Expand your knowledge of the role and responsibilities of a board and all other governance participants and stakeholders.

Know how to identify and assess the four underlying pillars of board effectiveness, using a concrete framework.

Learn how to proactively identify governance risks and mitigate them effectively.

Explore core areas of board work such as strategy, risks, stakeholders, M&A, succession, ESG, and stewardship.

Is this program for me?

You will benefit from this program if you are:

  • A professional, a manager or an executive aspiring to become a board member.
  • A recently appointed board member preparing for your first mandate.
  • A family business member seeking to deepen your knowledge of board governance.
  • A Board Secretary.
  • A C-level executive interested in building on your basic knowledge of governance.

Mastering Board Governance is a fantastic collaborative experience that I recommend to all professionals interested in governance best practices, whether they are new to the subject or looking for continuous improvement. The program helped to improve my skills and was a source of inspiration.

Konstantin Yershov Early stage investor and board member, Switzerland

Mastering Board Governance is an absolute must, not only for current and aspiring board members, but also for executive board members and senior management as it gives many insights into their collaboration with the board. It was a very exciting journey, with challenging and interesting teamwork with other participants.

Ekaterina Emelianova CFO, Sberbank, Switzerland

Mastering Board Governance is an amazingly efficient course for improving your board’s effectiveness and anticipating risks. I enhanced my understanding of group dynamics, my ability to identify when and why a board underperforms and overall increased my added value as a board member for technological startups.

Anne-Laure Jehl Investment Manager, IFP New Energy Group, France
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Your online learning journey

Mastering Board Governance is delivered over five consecutive weeks, requiring a time commitment of 4-6 hours per week. Each week covers specific content, with clear learning objectives and deliverables to help you measure the impact of your weekly learning.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of governance and the role of a board. Drawing on the expertise of IMD’s Global Board Center, you will learn from examples of governance successes and failures in various industries and locations, and apply these learnings to your own context.

You and your online classmates will complete specific tasks and challenges during weekly immersive board simulations. Your ‘board’ and your individual performance will be rated, and you will benefit from feedback and guidance from expert faculty and coaches.

Immersive board simulations
Scheduled live interaction with faculty
Weekly one-on-one coaching
Valuable network for peers
Unit 1: What is governance?
  • Articulate what governance is and how it drives organizational performance.
  • Understand the drivers and key characteristics of good governance and identify its different forms.
Unit 2: The role of the board
  • Understand the board’s role and how it reacts in times of crisis.
  • Learn its role and responsibilities in shaping governance, its role vs. that of management, and the four areas of board failure.
Unit 3: The four pillars of board effectiveness

Pillar 1

Identify the drivers of board effectiveness and assess a board against Pillar 1 of the “Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness” framework: people quality, focus, diversity, and dedication.

Unit 4: The four pillars of board effectiveness

Pillars 2,3 and 4

  • Assess a board’s effectiveness according to pillars 2,3 and 4 of the framework.
  • Pillar 2: information architecture
  • Pillar 3: Structures and processes
  • Pillar 4: Group dynamics and governance
Unit 5: Board best practices
  • Understand the core skills of board work: strategy and risk.
  • Learn succession best practices and reflect on how to map stakeholders.
  • Comprehend stakeholder’s different characteristics.

Learning toolkit

Videos & Readings
Quizzes & Discussion forums
Takeaways toolkit
Practical assignments
Didier Cossin

Program Director

Didier Cossin

Program Director

Meet your Program Director

Professor Cossin is the founder and director of the IMD Global Board Center, the originator of the Four Pillars of Board Effectiveness methodology, and an advocate of stewardship.

He works with senior leaders, executive committees, and boards to provide the latest thinking on best-in-class governance, board effectiveness, the governance and selection of investments, board dynamics, and strategy design. His latest research focuses on stewardship and how we can foster organizations to have long-term positive social impact while creating economic value for all. 

Join as a team

A team from the same company that enrolls for any of our online programs benefits from a special rate (every 10th participant joins the program for free). We can also work with you to customize learning objectives to your team’s goals, enabling you to develop a common approach to your specific organizational challenges. Contact us to explore the best solution for you.

Next start & fee

Length: 5 weeks (4-6 hours per week).

11 Sep – 15 Oct 2023
5 weeks
CHF 1,950

SPECIAL OFFER: CHF 1,750 for IMD alumni.

Application deadline closes seven days before the session starts.
All fees quoted are exclusive of any value-added or other indirect taxes that may be due in any country.
IMD reserves the right to modify the program dates, location, and fee at any time.

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