Questions you should ask before signing up

How long are the online programs?

Our online programs take place over either 5 or 8 weeks, dependent on the topic. You must meet the weekly deadlines for submission of assignments to successfully complete the program.

How frequently do the online programs run?

Each online program is offered up to four times per year. For precise dates please refer to the individual program.

How much time do I need to allocate to study?

On average, each week’s learning requires 4-6 hours of study.

Do I need special software or other tools?

No special software is needed. You simply need a good broadband internet connection. You will receive a compatibility test link before the program starts to ensure you can access the materials.

Must I attend the online sessions at a fixed time each week?

No. The video sessions are pre-recorded. The structure is highly flexible, which means that you access the material in your own time and study at your pace. For the group assignments, you will need to find a common time that works for all your group members.

Program content

How do I learn?

You learn via readings, videos, case studies, individual assignments, virtual group work, a summative assessment/capstone project and with personalized feedback from an IMD professional learning coach. You receive new teaching materials each week which build on the previous week’s learning. On request, your program advisor will give you the latest course overview for the program of your choice.

Faculty and program coach

The program is designed and delivered by IMD’s world-class teaching Faculty. Your professional learning coach will interact with you to ensure you can successfully apply the learning to your specific business context.

Do I get individual coaching?

Throughout the duration of your online learning journey, you will receive one-to-one support from your professional learning coach, including regular feedback on your weekly assignments. You also receive feedback and grading on your final assessment. By the end of your program, you will have demonstrated your ability to embed the program learning in your specific business context.

Is there a program schedule I can see?

The program brochure provides you with an overview of the learning journey. Once you have been accepted into the program you will have access to the detailed program syllabus.

How am I graded?

You will be graded on your individual assignments, your online participation, and your final evaluation/assessment.

Do I receive IMD certification?

If you successfully complete all the weekly assignments within the deadlines and the capstone project / summative assignment, you receive IMD certification. If you do not successfully complete your individual assignments, do not hand in your assignments on time or are not successful in your final evaluation/assessment you will not pass the program and will not receive certification.

Do I become an IMD alumnus/a when I complete my online program?

No, completing a single online program at IMD does not confer alumnus/a status.

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