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Frequently asked questions

Need help? Find answers and support here.

Frequently asked questions

Need help? Find answers and support here.


Curious about how the IMD online programs work? Find answers to your questions here and reach out to our program advisors if you need further support.

How long are the online programs?

Our online programs are structured over either 5 or 8 weeks, depending on the specific topic. Successful completion of the program requires meeting weekly assignment submission deadlines.

How frequently do the online programs run?

Each online program is offered two to four times per year. For specific dates, please consult the individual program details.

How much time do I need to allocate to study?

On average, each week of learning typically demands 4-6 hours of study.

Do I need special software or other tools?

No special software is needed. You simply need a good broadband internet connection. You will receive a compatibility test link before the program starts to ensure you can access the materials.

Must I attend the online sessions at a fixed time each week?

No, the video sessions are pre-recorded, providing a highly flexible structure that allows you to access the material at your own pace. For group assignments, coordinating a suitable time that accommodates all group members is necessary.

In addition, there are optional live webinars, like the welcome webinar or faculty office hours. If you can’t attend, no problem—these sessions will be recorded, allowing you to watch them at your convenience.

Typical class size

We typically segment all participants into cohorts of up to 50 participants to ensure a truly personal learning experience in an internationally diverse group.

Typical class profile

IMD’s online programs are tailored for ambitious executives seeking continued professional growth and career advancement. Participants tend to have an average of 15 years of professional experience.

Will I be able to see the profile of the other participants during the course?

Yes, a lot of emphasis will be placed on interaction throughout the program. You will build connections with the other participants and will also have opportunities to work on assignments and other activities in small groups.

How do I learn?

You learn via readings, videos, case studies, individual assignments, virtual group work, and personalized feedback from an IMD executive coach. You receive new teaching materials each week that build on the previous week’s learning.

What is the input of IMD faculty and my program coach?

IMD’s world-class teaching faculty design and deliver the programs. Your dedicated executive coach will interact with you to ensure you can successfully apply the learning to your specific professional context.

Do I get individual coaching?

Yes, a dedicated executive coach provides one-on-one support, guidance, and feedback through each step of the program. This highly individualized experience ensures that your learning is seamlessly applied to your context, with continuous feedback helping you integrate new insights into your daily work through written and phone interactions.

Is there a program schedule I can see?

The program brochure provides you with an overview of the learning journey. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will have access to the detailed program syllabus.

How am I graded?

The online assignments are not graded; instead, successful completion is based on the fulfillment of all assignments and tasks. There is no final evaluation or assessment for online programs.

Do I receive IMD certification?

Upon successful completion of all weekly assignments and the capstone project/summative assignment within the specified deadlines, you will be awarded an IMD certificate of program completion. Failure to successfully complete individual assignments or submit them on time will result in non-passing status and certification will not be conferred.

To obtain an IMD Online Executive Certificate, a recognized Certificate of Advanced Studies (10 ECTS), you must successfully complete a series of online programs within your chosen learning track, along with a final assessment. Discover more about the Online Executive Certificate.

Are there additional programs I can combine or extend upon after completing an online program?

After completing an online program, you have the opportunity to further enhance your skills by combining various programs leading to an IMD Online Executive Certificate. Explore three distinct learning tracks – Leadership, Strategy, and Digital Acceleration – and tailor your learning journey based on your specific development needs. Discover more about the Online Executive Certificate.

Do I become an IMD alumnus/a when I complete my online program?

Completing a single online program at IMD does not automatically confer alumni status. However, each completed online program does contribute 2.5 days toward the requisite 10 days for alumni status. Additionally, completing the IMD Online Executive Certificate entitles you to IMD alumni status. For more details, please refer to our alumni policy.

What is the fee?

Please refer to the specific program webpage for information regarding the fee.

IMD NEXUS members receive preferred access. If you are applying via your corporation, please check internally that you are eligible to apply before submitting your application.

Does IMD offer scholarships?

IMD does not provide scholarships or discounts.

What is the deadline for payment?

Please refer to IMD’s admissions policy and general terms & conditions section on our website for detailed information.

What is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is in general one week before the program starts. However, certain programs such as Inspirational Leadership require an earlier registration of 10 days prior to the program start to allow participants sufficient time to complete a pre-program assessment.