On campus program

Drive innovation with new technologies.

On campus program


Drive innovation with new technologies.

Location Lausanne

Length 5 days

Fee CHF 9,900

Next program starts 18 September 2023

Understand how to leverage AI, IoT and robotics for your business

The business potential of transformational technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and quantum computing is enormous but how do you separate the hype from the reality?

TransformTECH is designed for executives looking to explore latest technologies and their business applications. The program is also ideal for teams who have a project/opportunity in mind and want to use TransformTECH to develop their opportunity.

Combining business and technology experts in one program, you will be inspired to find new business solutions using the most globally applicable innovative technologies. Every year, the faculty choose the most relevant innovative technologies and help you apply them to your business. All of this – in just five days.

Create new business opportunities by exploring latest technologies and the impact for your industry.

Work with an innovation coach to identity a tech opportunity that addresses your business goal or challenge.

Become familiar with nimble innovation practices, the venturing world, design thinking and rapid prototyping.

Develop a beta-prototype with experts in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship that you can apply to your business.

IMD and EPFL join forces to offer you a unique learning experience

Using the latest design thinking methodology, TransformTECH focuses on perspectives of business with which you can harness technology. Each technology – Artificial Intelligence, IoT, robotics, blockchain or quantum computing – separately or combined, has the potential to transform your business.

Discover how technology can help you solve your operational challenges.
Visit laboratories at EPFL to see technology in practice.
Gain insight into the rich and dynamic “ecosystem” of start-ups.
Experiential learning through pretotyping workshop.
You and your class

This program is designed for individual and teams in mid to senior-level management. Ideal participants include: general managers, marketing, sales, operations, customer service, HR, legal and finance. Whether you want to explore the latest technologies and their business applications, or are a team with a project/opportunity you want to develop, TransformTECH is designed for you.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovative technologies and how to apply them to your business. You have a working understanding of technology rather than technical expertise. This program is not designed for tech experts.









This program is eye-opening, inspiring and outstanding. You have the opportunity to develop and prototype your ideas. You also get really constructive insights discussing with participants from different industries.

Valeria Pelosini Head of IT Products, Marketing & Sales Bobst, Switzerland

In one week this program takes you from a conceptual idea to a full laid out project ready to implement. That’s very high value.

Barbara Scheel Agersnap CEO, Copenhagen MaImö Port, Denmark

TransformTECH is like going into a huge library, finding solutions to things you didn’t even know existed. That for me is fantastic.

Paul Campbell Director, Osmotics Consulting, UK

Experience the program

Understand AI, IoT, robotics, blockchain and quantum computing and apply them to your business

Identify business opportunities with technology.
Deep dive into the dark side of Artificial Intelligence.
Discover new applications for robotics.

When you encounter awe-inspiring technology, it can be challenging to see how you can apply it to your own business. You need a framework and language to ask deeper, sharper questions and find the right strategy. TransformTECH gives you all this, plus the chance to prepare your own prototype with help from experts.

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Cyril Bouquet Program Co-Director
Next start & fee

Length: 5 days on IMD and EPFL campus.

18 Sep – 22 Sep 2023
5 days
CHF 9,900

IMD and EPFL Alumni special fee: CHF 9,000.

Digital Excellence Diploma

Accelerate your career with the IMD Digital Excellence Diploma by getting the right skills, frameworks and tools.

Digital Excellence Diploma

Accelerate your career with the IMD Digital Excellence Diploma by getting the right skills, frameworks and tools.

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