Location Lausanne or China

Length 5 days

Fee CHF 10,900

Next program starts 6 November 2023

Play to win with an agile, high-performing ecosystem

Are you looking for an advanced digital transformation program to move you to the next level? Building a digital ecosystem of partners offers you a powerful lever to accelerate growth. Nearly 90% of top global companies aim to leverage a system of partners, but the complexity can be overwhelming, and the failure rate is high to sustain these partnerships. So how do you avoid overwhelm and succeed in your own context?

IMD’s Building Digital Ecosystems, is a joint program with CKGSB, China’s first privately funded and research-driven business school. This unique program brings you deep insights into high-performing digital ecosystems from the perspectives of East and West. You discover how sharing resources and expertise will bring you much closer to your customers, with new data and insights to be more innovative, agile, and competitive. With cutting-edge research, latest cases, and industry and academic experts from IMD and CKGSB, you will gain exclusive access into the full breadth of ecosystems, from digital giants, to newcomers and transforming incumbents. You participate in executive exchanges to see first-hand the latest innovations and connect with scaling entrepreneurs. You learn what works and what you need to avoid.

We guide you through your own ecosystem project to identify which structure will unlock digital growth opportunities for you. You leave the program with an action plan, plus the skills and confidence to implement your own digital ecosystem.

Gain global insights

Benefit from global faculty insights and their deep industry connections – spanning the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Deep dive into cutting-edge frameworks

Discover the flywheel ecosystem framework to guide your own successful strategic choices, along with the latest digital tools and analytical models. Gain a comprehensive understanding of risks and ethical issues in the digital space

Explore diverse ecosystems examples

Learn what works (and what doesn’t from the digital ecosystem strategies of digital
giants, like Alibaba, Amazon, Google, JD, Meituan, and Tencent as well as transforming corporations like Nestlé, Ping An, Geely, Nike, and Bayer and newcomers such as TikTok, NIO, Pinduoduo, and RED.

Benefit from personalized, action-based learning

Focus on implementation and build your own digital acceleration plan.

Connect with an exclusive network

Connect with thought leaders, scaling entrepreneurs, and practitioners who are leading digital transformation.

You and your class

You are looking for an advanced digital transformation program. Building Digital Ecosystems is ideal for digital transformation leaders, scaling entrepreneurs, NGOs and governments looking to take digital transformation to the next level, and become more innovative, agile and competitive.

Join a diverse group of like-minded peers from different industries, cultures, and nationalities and who face the same digital-related challenges.

Recent participant profiles include:
VP open innovation & venturing, Strategy section head, Head of digital innovation, VP Engineering, Sales operations director, Solution architecture director, Supply chain business partner, Chief technology officer.

Participants join from industries such as:
Consumer Goods, Finance & Insurance, Services, Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain.

2023 class profile (average data)


Years of experience


senior & C-level


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How can a digital ecosystem support your business?
Program co-director Prof. Mark Greeven explains why you need a digital ecosystem and how the program helps you achieve this.

I highly recommend this program to everyone who’s building digital strategies for their business. IMD and CKGSB bring in top industry practitioners to give you deep insights into high-performing digital ecosystem players and newcomers from US and China. In the era of digital transformation for all business globally, it is either building your digital ecosystem being a part of one. The program is very well designed and delivered.

Eric Gao Founder and CEO, BMYG Financial Group, Australia

This joint training between IMD and CKGSB Chinese business school enables you to understand the concepts of successful ecosystems. You gain a lot of insights by understanding how advanced China is at digital transformations and building digital ecosystems, so that you can establish your own ecosystem.

Juan Manuel Santiago Mendez CEO, Mercedes-Benz Parts Logistics UK; Head of Logistics, Cluster UK & SA

Building Digital Ecosystems Program designed by IMD and CKGSB is of unique value to those responsible for designing and executing ecosystems strategies, enabling growth of the core business and introducing new products and services.

Marek Stawinski Founder & CEO, NaviParking, United Arab Emirates

CKGSB is China’s first privately funded and research-driven business school, offering unrivaled access to China business knowledge. It is the preferred choice by industry leaders and iconic entrepreneurs in China and Asia.
CKGSB’s professors have been instrumental in the design and implementation of digital strategies for some of the leading companies such as TikTok, Alibaba, Google, Tencent, Microsoft, JD, Vipshop, Trip.com, Didi, etc. Three CKGSB professors became the Chief Strategic Officers of Alibaba, JD and Ant Group. CKGSB has a large network of digital ecosystems including founders, co-founders, Chairman and CEO of more than one hundred leading digital firms.


Full-time, world-class faculty members


Alumni, 50% of whom are at CEO & Chairman level


Unicorn companies developed at CKGSB

We are thrilled, together with CKGSB, to bring you the best insights from East and West, to accelerate your own digital transformation and innovation.

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Mark Greeven Program Co-Director, IMD

This program offers the opportunity for your organization to leverage CKGSB’s unrivaled cutting-edge insights and connections into digital transformation from top performing companies in China and US.

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Bing Xiang Founding Dean, CKGSB, Professor of China Business & Globalization

Our partnership with IMD brings together world-class faculty with some of the best resources and insights in the business to help digitally focused leaders stay ahead of the tectonic changes we’ll experience in the decades to come.

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Yang Li Associate Professor of Marketing, Executive Academic Director MBA Program & Executive Education Programs, CKGSB
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Length: 5 days at IMD campus in Lausanne or 5 days in Beijing and Shenzhen

6 Nov – 10 Nov 2023
Beijing and Shenzhen
5 days
CHF 10,900
20 May – 24 May 2024
5 days
CHF 10,900
25 Nov – 29 Nov 2024
Beijing and Shenzhen
5 days
CHF 10,900
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