Your learning journey

5 days at IMD campus in Lausanne

Your learning journey

5 days at IMD campus in Lausanne

Building Digital Ecosystems

The digital ecosystem advantage

  • Digital ecosystem strategy framework
  • Competing in digital ecosystems

Real-life ecosystems

  • Digital ecosystems in B2C
  • Digital ecosystems in B2B

The transforming incumbent

  • Ecosystem Strategy for incumbents: build, buy, or belong
  • Company visit
  • Ecosystem workshop

Ecosystem engine

  • Data analytics for ecosystems
  • Ecosystems governance

Ecosystem execution

  • Rethinking ecosystem leadership
  • What’s next? Future of ecosystems for your organization


All content is subject to change.

Building Digital Ecosystems is a unique program, bringing you deep insights into high-performing digital ecosystems from the perspectives of East and West.

East and West perspectives

Gain exclusive access into the full breadth of  digital ecosystems, with cutting-edge research, latest cases, industry and academic experts from East and West.

Powerful connections

Connect with thought leaders, scaling entrepreneurs and practitioners who are leading digital transformation. Discover what works and what you need to avoid!

Your company project

We guide you through your own ecosystem project to identify which structure will unlock digital growth opportunities for you. You leave with your own implementation plan.