Custom programs: personalized learning solutions for organizations

Partner with IMD to accelerate your corporate development, growing your leaders and developing your talent

VR: an immersive tool to achieve your organization’s objectives

Virtual reality as part of the learning journey, enables analysis of team dynamics to strengthen your organization

Our custom programs are co-created with our clients. Each journey is uniquely designed to address your organization’s development needs, pulling resources from all IMD to meet your transformational objectives through corporate learning and professional development.

The program design evolves through a creative, iterate process, incorporating all our learning innovation to achieve your desired organizational transformation

IMD is a real powerhouse. It offers the best in academia, the best case-studies and has access to real-life executives from industry leading companies. For us it is an inspiration to have our program at IMD.

Henrik Andersen Group President & CEO | Hempel
IMD faculty is involved from the outset to understand your goals, objectives and culture, which allows for a unique program and learning experience

We believe understanding our clients’ core values is essential for crafting a program that brings change, resonates with the culture of each company and delivers organizational impact.


Sarah Hutton Custom Program Development Director | IMD
We draw on a large pool of global resources, with different perspectives and expertises, enhancing the learning journey to achieve your organization’s strategic objectives.
A co-creation journey

Each journey captures the essence of our clients and pulls from the best of IMD, resulting in the most personalized solution for your corporate executive programs.

Introducing change to deliver impact

The IMD learning philosophy emphasizes practice, feedback and reflection as much as knowledge dissemination.

All of IMD and more

Accessing all of IMD plus our global pull of resources, we bring relevant expertise, thought leadership and innovation in learning. We will offer content designed to spark conversation and deliver actionable insights.