IMD liVe. Fully-immersive programs for Executives

Led by our world-class faculty and delivered in real-time (live virtual) we bring the IMD classroom experience to you no matter where you are in the world.
Dynamic and interactive sessions in real time enabled by the latest virtual classroom technology
Cutting-edge content enriched by virtual delivery including live Q&A, polling and breakout debriefing
Practical assignments and case studies to accelerate real-world application
Interact live with our world-class faculty and benefit from personalized coaching for maximised impact

Leadership programs

Transformational Leader
Unlock your full leadership potential
The Transformational Leader program is a personalized transformation journey which unlocks the full potential of your leadership in three stages: mindful, resilient and adaptive.
liVe Virtual, New
Duration: 3 modules of 4-8 weeks
Fee: 15'900 CHF
Next start: 13 September 2022
The First 90 Days®
Accelerate your leadership transition
This liVe Virtual program is designed for executives who have recently started a new leadership role or will do so shortly, and includes 1:1 coaching.
liVe Virtual
Duration: 2 days
Fee: 3'900 CHF
Next start: 20 September 2022
Teams Reimagined
Maximize team talent through shared leadership
Teams Reimagined enables you as a leader to build and sustain a high-performance team by maximizing your team’s talent and innovation potential through inclusive, shared leadership principles.
liVe Virtual
Duration: 5 days
Fee: 6'900 CHF
Next start: 7 November 2022

Digital Transformation programs

Digital Transformation Foundations
Your strategic roadmap for digital transformation
Learn the what and the how of digital business transformation, exploring topics such as platform business models, digital marketing, business analytics, and more.
liVe Virtual, New
Duration: 5.5 days over 2 weekends
Fee: 5'900 CHF
Next start: 30 September 2022
AI for Business Sprint
Integrate AI into your business strategy
Develop an effective and ethical AI strategy aligned with your business objectives. Demystify AI and explore its application in business through multiple real-world examples. Walk away with a roadmap to develop an AI application idea for your organization.
Years of experience: 5+
liVe Virtual, Online
Duration: 2 weeks
Fee: 950 CHF
Next start: 29 August 2022
Not sure which program to choose? Book a call with a Program Advisor or join an information session to help you find the best path forward.

General Management programs

Global Management Foundations
Redesign your future for the new normal
Global Management Foundations (GMF) 20-week journey is a powerful, new virtual learning experience, which rapidly prepares you to step up to general management.
liVe Virtual
Duration: 20 weeks (15 hours average per week)
Fee: 25'000 CHF
Next start: 20 March 2023
Orchestrating Winning Performance
Reset for sustainable and inclusive growth
IMD's signature program, OWP, brings you the latest business trends, thought leadership and insights to revitalize your business, drive innovation and lead you forward. Fully customizable schedule.
Years of experience: 5+
liVe Virtual
Duration: 3 days
Fee: 4'900 CHF
Next start: 27 September 2022

Strategy and Innovation programs

Leading Customer-Centric Strategies
Boost growth. Become a customer-focused powerhouse
How do you become a customer-focused powerhouse that is hyper-relevant and valuable to your clients? The answer lies in leveraging and integrating three key business dimensions: your strategic marketing, digital…
liVe Virtual, New
Duration: 9 weeks including 3 weeks immersive learning
Fee: 7'900 CHF
Next start: 9 September 2022
Future Readiness Strategy
Adapt, innovate and disrupt to build your organization’s future readiness
A research-based strategy program that gives business leaders, experienced managers and high-potential talents actionable insights into leading change and driving their organizations to become future-ready.
liVe Virtual, New format
Duration: 5 liVe Virtual sessions (spread over 2 weeks)
Fee: 3'950 CHF
Next start: 31 October 2022
Organizational Learning in Action
Executing strategy through world-class learning and development
Empowers corporate learning professionals to develop and implement successful learning strategies across their organizations and drive business growth as a result
liVe Virtual
Duration: 5 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday
Fee: 9'000 CHF
Next start: 15 November 2022