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On campus program
Orchestrating Winning Performance

Mastering future readiness

On campus program

Orchestrating Winning Performance

Mastering future readiness

5 days
CHF 10,900
Next program starts
24 June 2024

Master future readiness at OWP Lausanne 2024

Are you and your organization future ready? Orchestrating Winning Performance 2024 provides you with the unique opportunity to prepare you and your organization to perform and transform at the same time. You will gain fresh perspectives to help you lead under uncertainty, positively overcome adversity, plus navigate fast and frequent change so that you, your teams, and your organization are future-ready

Guided by IMD expert faculty, you will explore these topics and more, benefiting from the latest insights and applied research. Keynote speakers will motivate you to take ambitious action with their bold, compelling stories. You will deepen your learnings across industries and geographies by learning from, and connecting with, hundreds of peer executives who will join you in high-impact, highly energizing sessions. We warmly welcome you to Orchestrating Winning Performance 2024.

Discover the different streams and topics
INDIVIDUAL/SELF: Leadership and People Management

These sessions offer a comprehensive approach to leadership development, equipping you with the insights and tools you need to navigate the complexities of modern organizations. You address key aspects of leadership from understanding your instincts to strategic decision-making, adapting to the future of work, fostering resilience, promoting innovation, and managing crises.

Each session is designed to empower you to become more effective in your role, making you future ready.

In this section, our world-class faculty will guide you through your leadership journey in tackling like the following to make your organizations future ready:

  • How can artificial intelligence be leveraged to enhance your leadership skills and measure your impact?
  • What are the best practices for leading in the new normal that should be retained from the learnings during the pandemic?
  • How can the insights from our childhood shape our leadership style and what strategies can be employed to improve it?
  • In a cyber crisis, how prepared is your team to respond and rebound?
ORGANIZATIONAL: Strategy, Operations, Digital and Innovation

These sessions will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of various strategic areas, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the future business landscape. You will also cover a range of forward-thinking and transformative themes like: GenAI Applications and Impact where you will explore its key applications, its potential impact on organizations, and discuss how to prepare for these changes. Design thinking for AI innovation, Decision Making and GenAI in Practice.

Each session is designed to empower you as a leader to become more effective in your role, making you future ready. You address key aspects of leadership from understanding your instincts to strategic decision-making, adapting to the future of work, fostering resilience, promoting innovation, and managing crises. You will explore key questions that leaders need to answer to make their organization future-ready:

  • How to understand what make an organization future-ready?
  • How to drive decision making in the face of uncertainty?
  • How to leverage the power of new technology like Generative AI?
  • Are you thinking of customer centricity the right way?

These sessions will equip your team with the knowledge and strategies to navigate complex landscapes, seize opportunities, and drive your business forward in a sustainable and resilient manner.

SOCIETAL: Geopolitics and Environmental

These sessions offer a comprehensive approach to our constant changing world, equipping leaders with the insights and tools needed to navigate the complexities of modern organizations. You address geopolitical and environmental key aspects from understanding transformative discoveries to strategic decision-making in sustainability and ESG priorities, adapting to the future of work with net-zero technologies, fostering resilience in the face of climate change, and managing crises in the face of political changes. Each session is designed to empower you to become more effective in your role, making you future ready.

You gain a deep understanding of the current business landscape, prepared to seize opportunities, drive growth, and lead your organization towards a sustainable and resilient future. You will explore the key questions leaders need to answer to make their organization future-ready from a geopolitical and environment point of view:

  • Is sustainability the new business agenda for accelerated transition?
  • Green growth or degrowth: what’s the future direction for businesses?
  • What leadership qualities are crucial for the new sustainability era?
  • What are the opportunities and risks associated with the rapidly evolving world of net-zero technologies
  • How can businesses prepare for climate change and its long-term effects while still growing and sustaining profitability

Whether it’s navigating transformative discoveries, prioritizing on ESG, or exploring the world of net-zero technologies, these sessions equip you to navigate complex landscapes and drive your business forward in a sustainable manner.


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Who you’ll meet at OWP Lausanne

The fully customizable design of OWP makes it ideal for individuals and teams at all career stages and every industry. Joining as a team offers you exceptional opportunities to further tailor your experience with a custom team journey around your key corporate strategic/leadership challenges.


Nationalities & industries


Average years of experience





See inside OWP Lausanne

OWP is IMD’s signature program. The Lausanne 2023 edition attracted about 450 decision-makers to grow their networks and explore the latest thinking on today’s critical business challenges and opportunities.

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Customize your week

As an individual
Pick the most relevant topics and streams to solve your challenges and drive your business forward. Take back tools and strategies that you can implement immediately.

As a team
OWP is the ideal environment for your teams to regroup, plan ahead and build highly effective collaborations. A wide range of options enable teams to work together on post-pandemic challenges and develop specific solutions at the corporate level. Team members can also work on individual development needs to effectively lead and collaborate in the new normal.

Insight sessions

Power start your day with a 1-hour insight session into a critical business issue or opportunity.


Gain in-depth knowledge of the on market opportunities and innovations that most interest you.

Special topics

Focus on a special topic such as an integrative case study, personal leadership assessment, or business simulation.

Keynote speakers

Be inspired by stories of success in challenging environments and reminded why you should never give up!


Connect with the people that matter to you and grow your network.

Individuals and teams review their week
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Jens Bjerg Sørensen

CEO, Schouw & Co, Denmark

Discover the latest management thinking

OWP is a learning pallet for business leaders to discover the latest management thinking, as well as an opportunity for the broader executive team to connect in person.

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Adelina Toader

Director, Structured Commodities Finance, ING, Switzerland

It is extremely valuable

In these very uncertain times, it is extremely valuable to be able to network with such smart, brilliant people from all over the world, to interact with the faculty, and to learn the latest on what’s happening out there.

 - IMD Business School
Raed AlRashed

Senior General Manager, NWC, Saudi Arabia

OWP Lausanne is fantastic

OWP Lausanne is fantastic. It developed my leadership in terms of leading myself, leading others, leading strategy and how to contribute more to my organization and country.

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Karine Le Heiget

Global HR Division, Deputy Head of Training & Development, TDK Corporation, France

Super interesting learning

I got great insights on how to manage our environmental impact as a company. Super interesting learning with very dynamic professors and participants from a wide diversity of

Two Danish firms strengthen their top teams at OWP

Schouw & Co, an industrial conglomerate and Hildebrandt and Brandi, a management consultancy firm, explain how Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) helps their top teams gain ‘outside-in’ inspiration and sets the direction for the next year.

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Schouw team celebrates OWP

IMD’s first face-to-face Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) in three years provided “a learning pallet” for business leaders to discover the latest management thinking, as well as an opportunity for the broader executive team to connect in person, said Jens Bjerg Sørensen, CEO at Schouw & Co, a Danish industrial conglomerate that owns six companies in the B2B segment.

“You get a lot of insights and food for thought,” he said of the week-long customizable program. “It’s difficult to organize a program like this yourself; you can’t find the inspiration in the same way. It’s super good to combine the IMD professionalism with our own small breakout groups. We get good inspiration and meet up in small groups and have broader company insights,” he added.

Having attended OWP five times previously, this year Sørensen brought the management teams from all six of Schouw & Co’s holding companies – the first time the team of 40 people was able to come together since the pandemic. Each of the holding companies had their own breakout room at IMD, and at 7.30 am each day, Sørensen ran a chairman session with the different function heads from each firm to use their insights to drill down into what is going on at each company. insights on a whiteboard to help him visualize the broader trends that will shape the company’s strategy.

“Last time, in 2019, we really realized that sustainability was knocking on the door,” he said. “I took a lot of decisions based on that. I took a picture of the whiteboard, and I’ve been using it over the past few years to set direction. And one word came out of that was ‘responsible’.”

Following that OWP, Schouw & Co established a corporate center of sustainability and ESG and came up with some new ideas around how to digitalize.

One of his key takeaways this year is that volatility is here to stay. “The world is not as easy as it used to be. I learned that you need to keep and stick to a clear strategic direction,” he said.

To cope with this increasing uncertainty, Sørensen believes it is more important than ever to invest in his company’s people. OWP not only brings fresh insights and a chance to network across the broader group, but also a different mindset, he said.

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Søren Brandi at OWP Lausanne

This is a belief shared by fellow Dane Søren Brandi, Managing Partner at management consultancy firm Hildebrandt & Brandi, who came to OWP this year with a team of 20 people, including his fellow partners as well as the company’s future talent.

“It’s a great team experience to be here in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. You are together to do some professional learning, while you at the same time get the chance to talk about stuff that is important in your own team,”he said.

His number one priority at OWP is to fuel the inspiration, motivation, and engagement for individual learning on topics as diverse as sustainability, future readiness, and complex leadership challenges. “We didn’t put any restrictions or guidelines on which streams and insight sessions they should use. Instead, we told them to pick what they find most relevant,” he said. “We believe the systems learning will come through the individual’s learning.”

Once back in Denmark, Brandi believes the company will the reap the spillover effects of knowledge sharing. “The number two priority is that the company gets stronger, and we will grow through the people,” he said. Both Brandi and Sørensen praised the energy at this year’s OWP and the importance of being able to connect with executives from around the world, many of whom are facing similar challenges and some of whom may go on to become future business partners.

“One of the very important messages from OWP is, to quote US President Eisenhower, ‘plans are nothing, planning is everything’,” said Brandi. “To be future ready and more prepared,I think that’s a very important message and it is reflected in many of the classes this week.  It’s not so much about the plans and the strategies, it’s about being able to cope and adapt.”

Get the latest news and stories from OWP Lausanne 2023

Join our dedicated information session on 05 March 2024

Discover if our program is right for you and ask all your questions to our Program Advisor. Also gain insights from a past participant who will share his experience and learnings.
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Diego Goehring – Program Advisor

Our experienced Program Advisor look forward to meeting you during this session. Feel free to ask any questions you have so he can provide you all the details you are looking for regarding the Orchestrating Winning Performance program.

Lausanne vibrant innovation hub

IMD is uniquely situated in the vibrant innovation hub of Lausanne in western Switzerland.

Drawing inspiration from its close partnerships with neighboring top technology institute EPFL (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) and design university ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne), IMD thrives at the center of the one of the world’s most exciting innovative nations.

Recently cited as the most innovative country in the world by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for the last eight years, and #1 ranking for discovering best talents by the IMD World Competitiveness Report, Switzerland is not only a top global innovation nation but also one of the most competitive places to be.

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Next start & fee

Length: 5 days at IMD Campus in Lausanne or Singapore

24 Jun – 28 Jun 2024
5 days
CHF 10,900

SPECIAL TEAM OFFER: Every 5th participant joins OWP for free.
Early bird offer ends on the 29th of February.