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A diverse range of resources
A rich array of resources, including our extensive external network, to provide top-tier learning interventions
A diverse range of resources

A rich array of resources, including our extensive external network, to provide top-tier learning interventions

IMD draws on a large pool of global resources to deliver a superior learning experience

IMD faculty

World-class faculty from 35 different nationalities responsible for program directorship, program design and delivery of impact.

External and adjunct faculty

IMD also draws from a pool of highly-reputed external faculty /  experts for program design and delivery.

IMD learning managers

Supporting faculty in program design and delivery.

In particular by providing feedback to participants on their learning application, either individually or in teams – virtually, online and face-to-face.

Leadership coaches

Responsible for individual leadership and team coaching. Establishing a personal development plan and supporting lasting behaviour change before, during and after the program; face-to-face and virtually.

Program coordinators

Responsible for the daily logistics necessary to support a smooth implementation of IMD programs.

Their mission is to make the life of our customers and participants easier – before, during and after the IMD program.

Executives in residence

Executives in Residence are senior level practitioners who research and teach at IMD.

This strengthens IMD’s approach of bringing research and practical application together.

Actors & communication coaches

Actors and coaches offering voice and non-verbal skills-building in a highly interactive manner to enhance communication impact.

International & local speakers

Drawing on our extensive network, IMD often invites speakers to programs to deepen IMD faculty insights and to inspire participants with their own real-world experiences and learning journeys.

 - IMD Business School

IMD is a real powerhouse. It offers the best in academia, the best case-studies and has access to real-life executives from industry leading companies. For us it is an inspiration to have our program at IMD.

Henrik Andersen Group President & CEO | Vestas Wind Systems A/S

IMD’s extensive external ecosystem can be leveraged for design & delivery

Our approach is grounded in research-based insights and real-world experience, pulling expert resources from our local and international partners in academia, research, business and multiple organizations, ensuring that every program is informed by the latest industry trends and best practices.

We always incorporate relevant thought leadership to ingrain the necessary skills and knowledge in each customized learning journey. We will offer content designed to spark conversation and deliver actionable insights.

IMD takes pride in its renowned global academic pedigree, drawing on expertise developed on campus and across our international network. Led by a faculty of leading research scholars and practitioners with hands-on experience in management and leadership, IMD’s research and thought leadership is rigorous, relevant, insightful and actionable.

Our centers are research hubs that explore the latest trends and insights, enabling IMD to generate fresh knowledge and approaches for application in a rapidly changing world of business.