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We deliver face-to-face learning with full health protocols at our Lausanne campus and offer IMD’s liVe virtual and hybrid programs for remote audiences.

An interactive and conductive to learning environment

01:00Safety on the IMD campus
By protecting yourself you protect others
We take pride in hosting you and providing a safe environment that enables you to focus your energy and attention on learning.

Measures to protect your well-being

Since the start of the pandemic, IMD has been proactive and vigilant in protecting the wellbeing of our community and limiting exposure to COVID-19.

We require all participants to show a valid COVID-19 certificate. We have also established an immediate “track and trace” system to act swiftly if there are any positive cases, to break the chain of possible infection.

All participants are tested when they arrive at the IMD campus
All participants who arrive at the Campus will be required to show a valid COVID-19 certificate
Class room, teaching in action
No mandatory masks or plexiglass are required in the classroom

How we rearranged our campus and classrooms

Spacing in auditoriums 

As every participant on campus meets our strict COVID requirements, the restrictions and limitations have been lifted. In line with Swiss authorities' instructions, we have expanded our rooms' capacity.  

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Enhanced ventilation

At IMD, we give special consideration to increased ventilation when occupancy is high. We ensure proper ventilation with outside air, while maximising air conditioning.


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Mandatory COVID certificate for participants

We aim at creating an optimal learning environment, and therefore from 15 August 2021 onward we will require all guests and participants attending our on-campus programs to provide a COVID-19 certificate valid for the duration of the activities on campus. 

A COVID-19 certificate proves that you have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, have recovered from the disease within the last six months or have a negative test result. Switzerland is one of the countries that have agreed on the EU green pass, a common design that can be used for the electronic and paper versions to facilitate the recognition.

With these measures in place, we aim to lift the current requirement of wearing masks and plexiglass separators in our auditoriums and break-out rooms. 

Read our FAQ for more information about certifications 

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In the classroom

IMD will continue to apply protocols that aim to safeguard to the fullest possibility the health and wellbeing of both participants and the community at large.

From 15 August 2021, in classrooms, in compliance with Swiss Federal guidelines, we intend to remove the plexiglass partitions and lift the mask wearing requirement, when all participants have a valid COVID certificate for the duration of the programs.

In public spaces (e.g. hallways, lunch line in the restaurant), masks must still be worn.

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On-campus health protocols

As part of our strict safety protocols, all staff and faculty who come on campus must have a valid COVID certificate (either vaccinated, recovered from COVID or tested).

The new procedure offers more efficient safety monitoring as we welcome thousands of participants on campus. 

Read our FAQ if you suspect you have COVID-19 symptoms while on campus

Participants will be required proof of full vaccination as of August 15

The COVID certificate is a way of documenting that you have been vaccinated for COVID-19, have had the disease or have a negative test result.

The validity period varies according to whether your COVID certificate documents a vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test. The validity may be adjusted on the basis of new scientific data.

Important: The following information is valid in Switzerland. Other countries may specify different periods of validity.

For people who have been vaccinated

365 days from when the last vaccine dose was administered

For people who have recovered from COVID

The certificate is valid from the 11th day after the positive test result and lasts for 180 days from the date of the test result.

For people who have tested negative

PCR test: 72 hours from when the sample was taken

Rapid antigen test: 48 hours from when the sample was taken

A digital COVID certificate (the EU Digital COVID Certificate) is also being introduced by the EU and other EFTA states. Switzerland’s COVID certificate is interoperable with the EU’s; they are mutually recognised.

The “EU digital COVID Certificate” is designed to facilitate safe travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been in use since 1 July 2021. States have a six-week transitional period to introduce the certificate. Individual states will decide how the certificate can be used. For this reason you should inform yourself about the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to.

Fully vaccinated is considered to be satisfying the 2-dose or other “fully vaccinated” requirements for the specific vaccine. IMD will accept certifications of full vaccination for vaccines authorized in Switzerland / EU or recognised by the World Health Organization. Download the latest WHO list (PDF).

All lists of approved vaccines are evolving. IMD will continue to monitor this list and will evolve accordingly.

Medical certification of natural immunity from recovery will be accepted as long as contracted and recovered no more than 6-months prior to the program start date.

However, please contact your program coordinator as we will examine all situations on a case by case basis.

Please contact your respective client sales team or program director to discuss your concerns and, if necessary, make alternative arrangements.

If you do not have a personal contact, please fill in the contact us form below. 

According to the World Health Organization, the main symptoms of COVID-19 include a persistent cough, fever and difficulty in breathing.

Any participant or staff member who has difficulty in breathing, a cough or a fever whilst on campus should report immediately to the infirmary at the Maersk McKinney Moller Center, where the individual will be isolated and the health authorities will be informed accordingly. 

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