Feel safe with our enhanced measures

Safely delivering face-to-face programs

We're taking every step to ensure that anyone who visits or participates in activities on our campus feels safe and comfortable.
Face-to-face programs
00:50IMD safety measures on campus
By protecting yourself you protect others
We take pride in hosting you and providing a safe environment that enables you to focus your energy and attention on learning.

Remember to check your travel insurance to ensure you are covered for COVID

Before traveling internationally to Lausanne we kindly ask you to ensure that your health and travel insurance covers any COVID-related incidents that could occur during your stay abroad. Health insurance can help with costs if you contract COVID while traveling, and travel insurance will offer financial reimbursement of non-refundable expenses due to COVID such as hotel costs in case of quarantine.


We've rearranged our campus and classrooms

Spacing in auditoriums 

We are maintaining enhanced spacing in our auditoriums for your comfort. 

Spacing in auditoriums
Enhanced ventilation

At IMD, we pay special consideration to ventilation in our classrooms. We are recycling air at maximum capacity. 


Enhanced ventilation
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