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IMD features in The Case Centre’s 2023 top-selling cases

Eight cases from IMD current and former faculty have been recognized in The Case Centre’s 2023 bestselling cases list.
January 2024

IMD professors have written some of The Case Centre’s bestselling cases of 2023 in Human Resource Management/Organizational Behavior, Ethics and Responsibility, Strategy and Management, and Marketing.

The bestselling cases in 2023 include studies by Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior Shlomo Ben-Hur, Professor Emeritus  of Marketing and Global Strategy Kamran Kashani, Professor of Strategy and Marketing Stefan Michel, Professor of Strategy and International Business Niccolò Pisani, Emeritus Professor of Marketing Strategy Dominique Turpin, Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Sustainability Francisco Szekely, and former IMD professor Sandra Vandermerwe.

The Case Center’s bestselling cases in 2023 published by IMD are:

Human resource management/organizational behavior
Ethics and social responsibility
Strategy and management

This year’s lists cover the contributions of 265 authors representing 51 institutions across 15 countries.

IMD’s faculty has developed more than 1,500 case studies over 50 years, which can be ordered at The Case Centre,a distributor of the institute’s full collection of over 1,500 cases.

There is more information on the latest cases published, award-winning cases, and collections by subject here.