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IMD ranks in the top 5 worldwide in The Case Centre Impact Index 2023

In its first edition, the annual index measures the reach and impact of case studies produced by educational institutes from around the world. IMD ranked in fourth place
December 2023

IMD has been recognized as one of the top producers of case studies in the world, having claimed the fourth position in The Case Centre Impact Index 2023.

Published for the first time this year, the index aims to reflect the reach and impact of each institute’s case studies by measuring how many cases have been adopted and by how many organizations and students worldwide. By such metrics ― and considering data from the past academic year ― IMD ranked fourth, behind the top three of Harvard Business School, ICFAI Business School (IBS), and INSEAD.

“Case studies are a powerful tool in business education, and at IMD we take pride in delivering innovative and insightful material. The recognition of the impact and reach of our cases is a testament to the quality and depth of the knowledge that we generate by working closely with companies,” says IMD President Jean-François Manzoni.

Impact Index Case Centre - IMD Business School

The Case Centre has been a synonym of the case method for 50 years, hosting a vast collection of management cases, articles, book chapters, and teaching materials. This year, the organization added the global annual The Case Centre Impact Index to its portfolio.

“Cases have a profound impact in many ways but often receive less recognition than other research outputs. The Case Centre Impact Index rewards schools who demonstrate unwavering commitment to case writing, and who strive to ensure the development and dissemination of top-tier cases within the business education community,” says Vicky Lester, Chief Executive Officer of The Case Centre.  

Learn more about IMD’s case writing and access the entire library of cases here.