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IMD establishes International Alumni Association to connect alumni globally

Designed for alumni, with alumni, the Association will enable stronger ways for alumni across the world to engage with IMD and each other.

The launch of the International Alumni Association on 1 December 2023 is the latest step in IMD’s efforts to engage and empower our worldwide alumni of more than 130,000 exceptional individuals. Through an enhanced offering, the Association strives to keep alumni better connected to one another and IMD with new networking, life-long learning, and personal and professional development opportunities. 

“The creation of the International Alumni Association crystallizes a long-held desire to bring our global alumni closer together so they can share ideas and shape the future for a more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive world,” said IMD President Jean-François Manzoni. “It allows alumni to exercise their voice and voting rights to help shape the overall alumni experience for the present and also for generations to come.” 

All alumni will be able to join the new Association through the recently revamped MyIMD platform and view the different membership options, features, and benefits on the Association’s website. 

“You never truly leave IMD behind because the relationships you establish with people from around the world are enduring and the impact the learning experience has on your career, and your outlook on the world, is nothing short of life-altering,” said Michael Merrithew (MBA IMI 1985), Chair of the International Alumni Association. 

“We are thrilled that IMD now has a dedicated Association to empower and engage our talented alumni at an international level, in the common pursuit of transforming organizations and contributing to society,” he added. 

Among the benefits are: 

  • Belonging to a truly global IMD community 
  • The opportunity to engage in life-long learning and grow your network 
  • A chance to have a say in the future development of the Association 

Depending on their membership level, alumni can also take advantage of different benefits from IMD and external service providers. There will be reduced pricing for events and programs, as well as exclusive offers from top-name, global providers for information and knowledge, travel and mobility, and lifestyle products and services. 

The Association is designed to complement the existing activities facilitated by the Alumni Clubs at a local level, as well as the special interest Communities, such as the TOGETHER sustainability community, the Entrepreneurship Community, and the Luxury Forum 2050. 

The Association’s board, comprising six alumni members and three IMD representatives (two of whom are also IMD alumni), will oversee its activities and act as a bridge between the broader alumni community and IMD. The inaugural alumni members hail from a range of countries, industries, and programs, representing the richness and diversity of the IMD alumni network. 

For more information on the Association, please visit the Association’s website: https://www.imd.org/international-alumni-association/

Questions? Please contact [email protected]