Talent Management Training

Talent management training offers long-term rewards to companies in terms of employee loyalty, overall performance and company fusion. Maximizing the benefits of management training is a long-term journey for the organization and its employees. One good plan is to leverage those decisive moments on employees’ career paths for more impactful management training. Here are some ideas to help spot these moments and match them to the right talent management training. 

Try your best to experience early career talent management training

Talent management trainingWith about five to 10 years under their belts, most high-potential young managers are ready to invest time and energy into preparing to take on greater responsibility and exciting new challenges. Talent management training can solidify their understanding of business fundamentals, expand their knowledge of the global business environment and hone their leadership skills. Ideally, business management programs should broaden their perspectives but also bring their learning within their own business context, such as through company-specific projects. Organizations are the winners when they use management training to support young talent and turn them into the business leaders of tomorrow.

But that was just the beginning. Don't forget Mid-career talent management training

At around the 10 year mark of their careers, stand-out functional managers are ready to prepare for positions in general management. Their talent management training needs differ from earlier in their careers, with the critical focus on fine-tuning their operational and leadership skills. Executive coaching may be of particular value to help them better understand their own leadership style and leverage it to best advantage. Another good reason to invest in management training at this time is to create broader professional networks, as they will move into leadership positions requiring wider contacts. Some may be ready to make a greater educational commitment through an Executive MBA.

Another style to consider: Challenge-specific talent management training

Talents in an amphitheatreAnother time for talent management training is in the face of specific business challenges - for example, related to business development, strategy, finance, sustainability, operations or leadership. To find the right business management program that targets the right issues, it is important to analyze the situation and identify exactly what is required to overcome it. As well as helping to solve the specific business challenge, a good program should also equip executives to confront future challenges and deliver ongoing results.

But it's not always just you is it!? Don't forget team-focused talent management training

Sometimes, it’s not only an individual who needs to sharpen skills, but many people within the organization. Perhaps there is an organizational improvement or change project to work through. Perhaps it is simply about building common perspectives. By sending executives to the same business leadership program together or over time, they will develop a common language and approach. This can be especially valuable to managers from different units or regions in your organization. It can be particularly effective to establish a long-term partnership with a top business school for customized talent management training for teams.

In short, choose top leadership talent management training

You may think CEOs and top executives already know how to run a business and don’t need talent management training. In fact, far from sitting back on their laurels, the most successful senior executives embrace the opportunity to reinvigorate themselves and ensure continued high impact performance. They know they can position themselves to deliver breakthrough performances for their organizations after exploring individual, business and market challenges through senior-level talent management training.

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