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IMD celebrates case writing contributions with The Case Centre

The CEO of the world’s largest repository of case studies visited IMD in honor of its faculty’s multiple recognitions in case writing.
May 2024

IMD and The Case Centre have celebrated Julia Binder, Professor of Sustainable Innovation and Business Transformation, and Heather Cairns-Lee, Affiliate Professor of Leadership and Communication for their recent recognition at The Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2024.

The event, which also recognized faculty and researchers for their contributions to various case awards, was held at IMD’s Lausanne campus and hosted by Anand Narasimhan, Shell Professor of Global Leadership and Dean of Research.

Binder and Cairns-Lee were recognized at The Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2024 for their case “Carbon is the new calorie: Logitech’s carbon impact label to drive transparency in sustainability” in the category ‘Outstanding Case Writer: Hot Topic – Taking Action on the Environment.’

CEO of The Case Centre, Vicky Lester, presented the award to the faculty and reiterated the considerable reach and impact of IMD’s case writing.

Upon receiving their award, Binder and Cairns-Lee thanked the case team for their invaluable hard work and their families for their constant support.

“One of the questions we always get asked is: ‘What are your tips for writing a great case?’ I would say the best tip of all is to find a fantastic partner with whom you can bounce ideas back and forth and share the experience,” said Cairns-Lee.

“At IMD, the beauty lies in the opportunity of collaborating with experts such as Heather,” added Binder. “By working together, we were able to have an interdisciplinary lens that enabled us to create a compelling case.”

In addition to the individual case recognition, Lester also presented Anand with a certificate commemorating IMD’s fourth place in The Case Centre Impact Index 2023.

“I am deeply proud and grateful to the IMD case team,” said Anand. “Without their unwavering support and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the exceptional quality of cases that IMD is known for. Their guidance is instrumental in our ability to submit impactful cases.”

He explained the importance of case studies in executive education, adding, “We are always going back to why we use case studies, which is to put the participants in the role of the protagonist of the case.”

IMD has the second-highest number of awards from The Case Centre, with 10% of its faculty members consistently featuring in the Top 50 Bestselling Case Authors list. In 2023, IMD reached a new record with over 233,000 cases sold worldwide.

Lester emphasized the considerable number of awards and recognitions IMD has received from The Case Centre over the years.

“Your reputation in case writing does not go unregarded and we’re thrilled to do our part to keep raising the profile of IMD in the hard work you’re doing around the cases,” he said.

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