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Leadership OS in 3 ideas 

IbyIMD+ Published 30 May 2024 in Brain Circuits • 2 min read

What do we mean by “leadership OS,” and why is it important? Here are three key ideas.

In our book Leadership OS: The operating system you need to succeed, my co-author Nik Kinley and I look to provide a clear and well-defined framework for leaders to navigate challenges and optimize team performance.

Consider these three key ideas:

1. Another way to describe the leadership OS is the leadership culture. It’s the culture that you, as a leader, create, and it is the key driver of people’s performance.

2. There are three elements of this OS that are critical to getting it right: trust, clarity, and momentum. While these three elements won’t solve all your challenges as a leader, we find that they can explain about 75% of what impacts leaders’ performance.

Trust is the most important because it underpins the psychological safety that enables people to voice their opinions and challenge others.
Clarity on an organization’s purpose and values and accountability for different tasks is also important in ensuring everyone is aligned around the same goals.
Momentum involves a range of factors that enable a business to unleash the energy needed to achieve its goals — connections, empowerment, confidence, and motivation.
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