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Brain circuits

Is your company helping to develop a global mindset in people?

Published 11 July 2021 in Brain circuits • 1 min read

This exercise helps you to understand whether your company is really helping to develop a global mindset in people.

Ask yourself the following four questions:

  1. Are people in your company properly incentivized to spend time in other countries and regions and invest in ad-hoc trainings to forge their multicultural skills?
  2. Are leaders in your organization able to connect with global business managers, country and regional managers of the entire organization?
  3. Are there tools provided by your company to measure and help to improve people’s multicultural competence?
  4. Are leaders in your company able to communicate effectively across different cultures?

If your answers contain one or more ‘no’, more can likely be done in the development of a global mindset in your company. The larger the number of ‘no’, the greater the urgency to act on this very important issue.

Here you will find valuable insights elaborated by Bettina Büchel based on the results of a global mindset survey that was done few years ago amongst the participants of our world-renown program Orchestrating Winning Performance.


Niccolo Pisani - IMD Professor

Niccolò Pisani

IMD Professor of Strategy and International Business

Niccolò Pisani’s areas of expertise are strategic management and international business, with emphasis on globalization, sustainability, and digitization. One of Niccolò’s key areas of interest is corporate social responsibility – his research in this stream has recently focused on inequality and sustainable cities. He directs IMD’s International Growth Strategies program.


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