Business management courses

One of the best tools to push your general management career to exactly where you want to be is a business management course. Wondering just how business courses can help you review and optimize your approach to be fully prepared for challenges going forward? Let’s have a look at some FAQs on getting the most out of business management courses.

Advanced management program

An advanced management program from a top-ranked business school can hone your skills to drive real business results - and help take your career to new heights. In fact, management training courses are virtually imperative for those aspiring to general management and who wish to stay competitive in today's fast-changing world. Wondering how impactful management training can be?

Best corporate leadership development programs

The best corporate leadership development programs nowadays are all about "whole" leadership. You may discuss art as well as business during the program, your family as well as your employees. There is nothing New Age about it. Research from the best corporate leadership development programs confirms that long-term success in business comes to the leader who is engaged with the heart as well as the head.

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For seasoned leaders with 15+ years of experience

Strategically evaluate and seize your organization’s possibilities to confidently fulfil your company’s corporate mandate for growth and profitability in the short- and long-term amidst a world of complex change

For senior executives at or near the top of their organizations

Find the breakthrough insights you need to confidently tackle the most critical and difficult-to-solve issues that are limiting you and your organization.

For experienced managers with 10-15 years of experience

Move quickly and successfully through a unique combination of personal leadership development, strategy, execution and managing organizational change.

For the next generation of leaders with 5-10 years of experience

Accelerate your career, and take that next step: develop the essential business skills and training to lead a business function and/or cross-functional projects within your company.

Business administration classes

Business administration classes are an excellent way to give yourself that critical boost forward into a new career level. Different classes offer the learning that’s right for different people at different stages. To help you maximize your benefits from such classes, IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, offers the following ideas for finding the right business administration classes.

Business classes

Business classes can inject fresh ideas, skills and motivation into your career – and boost your capacity to drive sustainable business results for your company. When you’re already on a fast-paced career trajectory, your time is valuable. So you want to make sure you head to the right place for the right stuff when you invest in business classes.

Business courses

Business courses are a must for executives and companies in today's competitive business world. Good business courses provide a valuable opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills that can advance your career, as well as keep up-to-date in today's fast-changing business environment. However, quality business management courses are unfortunately rare, despite the large number of available courses on the market. As one of the top business management schools in the world, IMD provides high-impact business courses that combine Swiss excellence with a global perspective.

Business development courses

Business development courses are an important part of preparing the next generation of global general managers. As the global business environment becomes increasingly complex, the demand for quality programs has risen. Research and innovation have helped provide greater insights, better tools and, overall, more sophisticated course design. IMD business school, a world pioneer in program design and delivery, leads the way with some of the most effective courses anywhere. Here, IMD offers some insights into what gets results in business development courses.

Business development manager

The business development manager is a central figure in a company's general management team. In an economic environment of slow growth and new global pressures, the business development strategy requires a strong leader to ensure implementation. Business development is no longer strictly about growth, but also about anticipating challenges, leveraging opportunities and supporting sustainability. Targeted executive education helps strengthen the skills necessary for a business development manager.

Business development training

Business development training can help you become the business leader you want to be. Good business training gives you the tools and skills to analyse your challenges and then find strategic solutions – in your current job and your next one. The trick is to choose effective training that exactly suits your needs.

Business intelligence training

Business intelligence training is a "must have" for both executives and corporations in today's fast-changing business world. The emergence of new market players, the proliferation of competitors and the need to constantly innovate to maintain a competitive edge means that business intelligence training should be fully integrated into an organization's training portfolio. In addition, as the marketplace and competitors have become global, so business intelligence training requires professional support from world-class executive training organizations.

Business leadership training

Business leadership training helps executives to set business direction, successfully implement strategies and boost the performance of individuals and teams. You may be an experienced executive who has already accomplished much, but with the right business leadership training you can take on new challenges and deliver even better results for your company.

Business management class

A business management class can be the perfect stepping stone for moving from a functional role into general management. You’ve already built your business and leadership skills within your core competency and gained strong experience through ever-growing responsibility – but becoming a general manager is not an incremental step up from this, it’s a seismic shift. You’ll need new competencies, a new way of looking of yourself as a manager. You’ll need a strong ability to develop innovative strategies. And first-hand experience of other markets and global trends would be a major plus, too!

Business management course

“Business management course.” If you just Googled that, you’re probably looking for a business course to boost your general management career. You’re taking it into your own hands. A business management course can be an excellent way to gain new perspectives and fresh ideas, not to mention stronger leadership and operational skills. But it is important to find the right course for you. Can it really be as easy as one-two-three? Try these three steps to finding the right business management course.

Corporate training

Corporate training is one of the key tools that top organizations use to manage talent and ensure the next generation of leadership. When employees’ skills are acknowledged and encouraged, they feel more ready and confident as they take on new challenges. Concretely supported by their organization in career and leadership development, they are happier and more loyal. This results in better retention rates, overall performance and company fusion. Let’s take a closer look at what businesses gain from corporate training. 

Executive development program

The executive development program has become an important part of career building for executives who strive to constantly take on new challenges. As the global business environment becomes increasingly complex, the demand for quality programs delivering relevant outcomes has risen. Research and innovation have helped provide deeper insights, better tools and, overall, more sophisticated program design. 

Executive development programme

An executive development programme can make you a more effective business leader by boosting your leadership skills and enhancing your ability to find new opportunities and manage change. As a manager you are already exposed to key business concepts, but you can benefit from further guidance for strategic decision-making and for giving authoritative direction to teams and organisations. 

Executive development programs

Business Management CoursesExecutive development programs are an important career-building tool for managers who strive constantly to master greater challenges. This is especially true in today’s complex global business environment: top leaders need to be on their mark at all times – so it’s critical for them to keep their skills up-to-date and perfectly tuned. 

Executive education

Executive education is an important tool for global businesses to nurture top leadership talent. It offers executives new knowledge to enhance skills and gives them the opportunity to step back and gain a new perspective on their roles.

In an increasingly complex global business environment, leaders will continue to look for ways to stay ahead of the crowd and effectuate meaningful change, ensuring continued need for high-quality executive education.

Executive leadership development

Executive leadership development is crucial for preparing global leaders for the challenges of a constantly changing world. The best leadership programs offer immediate, lasting and measurable advancement for individuals and organizations. But how can you find such courses? 

Executive leadership training courses

Executive leadership training courses can offer you new perspectives and skills to help you move to the next management level - as long as you choose a quality course! To help you get on the right path, IMD business school provides the following Q&A on executive leadership training courses training courses.

Executive program

Executive program choices are numerous for managers seeking to build their skills and accelerate their careers. But you should be selective if you want to get the best results. A well-designed executive program offered by a top-ranked business management school can give you valuable skills, knowledge and insights, while a bad - or even just the wrong -one will leave you sorely disappointed. 

Executive programs

Executive programs can provide a critical boost for ambitious executives who want to shape their futures rather than just go with the flow. This can be especially true if your ambition is to make a significant career move. Not every program will provide what you need, though. The key to getting the most out of executive programs is to seek out a top-ranked business school, innovative delivery and design, and a focus on your specific needs. 

Executive training programs

Executive training programs are an important way in which global business leaders can increase personal and organizational performance, while also creating positive global impact. Management training programs offered by good business schools create essential synergies between executive skills and the organization's overall business objectives. In the long-term, such links ensure the organization's ability to overcome challenges and remain relevant. Leaders are increasingly asked to be prepared to deal with a variety of business issues, which often demand creative solutions. Without effective executive trainings programs, business leaders risk falling short of such expectations.

General management

General management career excellence is achievable with the right combination of insight, ambition and strategic planning. Do you aim to be the kind of business leader who seizes opportunities and makes a positive impact? Then you need to make sure you are prepared at every stage, from whenyou move from being a functional manager into general management - and then as you move on to more senior general management positions. Here are some strategies for excellence in your general management career.

General management training

General management training gives you the skills you need to move from functional roles into general management positions. As an experienced manager you have proved yourself in your area of expertise - but to take on greater responsibilities and larger challenges, you need to broaden your business knowledge and develop strong leadership skills. 

International business classes

International business classes are an excellent way to get ready to go global in your career. You do, however, need to take care to invest in classes with a truly international focus, targeted skills building and real proven results. Here are some tips from IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, on assessing international business classes. 

International business programs

International business programs are an excellent way to launch yourself into the global business arena - provided of course that you choose programs with a truly international focus, targeted skills building and real results. A great place to start is with independent international rankings, which will lead you to schools that have helped other ambitious managers go global. Once you have short-listed some programs, you’ll need to find the one that’s right for you – so read on for some tips on assessing international business programs. 

Leadership development programme

Leadership development programme – it’s time for one. Maybe you’re about to take on new role with greater responsibility. Maybe you have a change project or particular challenge coming up. Maybe your career development plan regularly includes executive education to hone your leadership skills and ensure you stay on top of global business management trends.

Leadership team development

Leadership team development is recognized by top organizations today as an essential tool for building a strong leadership team. First and foremost, it helps turn a group of talented individuals into a team that leverages their collective talents to reach organizational goals. Leadership team development even extends benefits to each leader’s team as well - leaders who train in collaboration become more collaborative with those under them. 

Leadership training course

“Leadership training course": if you're searching for this, chances are you're a manager who's feeling ready to move forward in your career, and is looking for a leadership training course to prepare you for this move. IMD, one of the top business schools in the world, offers the following Q&As about such courses and what to look for. 

Management certificate programs

Management training programs can be the ticket to new heights in your general management career. If you want to prepare for promotion, charge your knowledge with new ideas and pump up your leadership skills, you need corporate training that holds no punches. Here's how to make sure you get real, career-boosting gains from management certificate programs.

Management courses

Management courses are a great way to give yourself a boost towards higher leadership in a business management career. Of course, there is good and less-good in management training, like everything else. At top business schools, well-designed management courses offer greater personal insight, sharper leadership and management skills, and solid understanding of global economic trends.

Management development program

A management development program is a great way to push your general management career to exactly where you want to be. Just how can a business course help you become fully prepared for challenges going forward? Just what do you want at the end of the day from a management course? Here are your top ten takeaways from a management development program. 

Management development training

Management development training is recognized by top organizations as a critical tool for encouraging talent and preparing the next generation of leadership. Companies benefit from strength and smooth functioning at every level of leadership. Company loyalty is enhanced for better retention rates, overall performance and team working. Managers sharpen their skills as they prepare for each promotion. In fact, when it’s time to hand over the reins at the top levels, companies experience easier transitions if they’ve invested in management development training. 

Management development

Management development is an important tool for preparing the next generation of global general managers for the complex challenges of a constantly changing world. But when individuals or organizations invest in management development, how can they be sure they’ll get what they need? One of the top business schools in the world, IMD, offers some thoughts on today’s most innovative management development.

Management leadership course

A management leadership course is helpful for executives seeking to reach the next level of effectiveness as global leaders who can mobilize people to achieve higher performance. A good management leadership course can help you gain a better understanding of yourself, which is the starting place for improving your ability to inspire and motivate people, as well as to manage change. 

Management leadership training

Management leadership training can offer you new perspectives and skills enhancement to help you create the future you want. Are you ready to leverage this valuable tool to advance in your career? To help you get on the right path, IMD business school answers your questions on management leadership training. 

Management training course

A management training course can provide new knowledge, skills and perspectives that help you perform more effectively in your job - and prepare you for your next position. As a manager with a busy career and life, taking time out for a management training course is not always easy. But on-the-job training and experience has its limitations, especially if you continue to work for the same company in the same function for a long time. This makes business management courses from good business schools a worthwhile investment. 

Management training program

A management training program is meant to boost your skills to drive your general management career to new heights and expand the value you create for your organization. It’s an investment in you – in your capacity to meet challenges, leverage opportunities and lead your team to success. It’s a tall order and you want to make it count. Here are some must-haves for a management training program. 

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is an essential business management practice. When you listen to stakeholders – people affected by your decisions – and make them part of the process, you’ll ensure smoother implementation and better results. 

Training management

Training management teams is a key to the success of all major companies and organizations. Whereas on-the-job training was once considered enough to groom high-potential managers for more senior positions, professional programs for developing management at all levels are now essential. 

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