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Discover how IMD's Foundations for Business Leadership program can prepare you for more senior management positions. 

Executive Programs

Executive ProgramsExecutive programs can provide a critical boost for ambitious executives who want to shape their futures rather than just go with the flow. This can be especially true if your ambition is to make a significant career move. Not every program will provide what you need, though. The key to getting the most out of executive programs is to seek out a top-ranked business school, innovative delivery and design, and a focus on your specific needs.

IMD business school offers all this. Ranked first in open programs worldwide in 2017 (Financial Times), IMD has long been considered one of the top business schools in the world. Behind that reputation is a 100% focus on executive education, ensuring all IMD executive programs are innovative and effective. Each is also designed for a specific career level - and offers customized options to suit your needs and interests.

Let’s look at this in more detail, using the example of IMD’s Program for Executive Development - designed to prepare functional managers for general management.

Remember to look for personalized design...

Executive ProgramsOne of the things that makes IMD’s executive programs so effective is that you can personalize the program to meet your needs. In the case of the Program for Executive Development, the modular design helps you balance your busy career with your future ambition. You choose the timing of the two modules at IMD, as well as which Discovery Expedition you join - to Brazil, China, or India. You also undertake a self-directed project of interest to you - not just a standard assigned project.

These learning experiences fit your life, but equally importantly, you actually live them – providing deeper insights and lasting new skills.

This may seem obvious, but look for inspiration...

Executive ProgramsIf you’re looking for executive programs then you’ve already shown your business acumen and leadership abilities. What you want now is to take on more responsibility, to implement meaningful, value-adding change for yourself and your company - and indeed the world. IMD’s executive programs inspire you to reach that ambition.

The Program for Executive Development challenges you imagine the future you want - and supports you to create it. You’ll interact with IMD’s world-renowned Faculty, and be inspired and challenged by your classmates - some of the most diverse, international people you’ll ever meet. You’ll visit an exciting new market, where your possibility horizon will be expanded. As you experience firsthand what is happening in peer organizations and benchmark against your classmates’ experiences, you become more aware of how the world is changing and the mega trends shaping the future.

And you know what else... you should also look for concrete outcomes

Executive ProgramsInspiration and flexibility is good - but executive programs also need to deliver real outcomes. The Program for Executive Development strengthens your core operational abilities and leadership qualities. You work on a significant project that delivers immediate value to you and your company. And you develop a concrete plan of action to realize the future you have imagined.

In short, you leave prepared for general management, able to develop innovative ideas and strategies that will enhance the value you personally create.

“I felt ready to take on bigger challenges, make a greater contribution and really begin to initiate the changes that I felt were important.” That’s what one past participant of the Program for Executive Development reported - and it’s exactly what you can expect from IMD’s inspiring and effective executive programs.

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Discover how IMD's Foundations for Business Leadership program can prepare you for more senior management positions.

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