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Ten tips to help you choose the right Executive MBA

Executive MBAAn Executive MBA is a Master Business Administration (MBA) program designed for experienced managers who wish to advance further in their careers. All good business schools offer EMBA programs. Typically, such programs do not require taking a career break, which is extremely important for executives at this level. Many are international in character, often with classes in different locations - making the program a truly global learning experience. This senior level management training also allows a sharing of experiences from different industries between the different participants, as well as a strong networking platform.

Choosing the right Executive MBA program is critical. Any Master Business Administration program requires an important commitment both in terms of time and finance. Plus you want to be sure that the program you choose will have real benefits. Here are ten tips to help you choose the best Executive MBA program for your personal needs and objectives.

1. An Executive MBA is a tool to help advance your career. In order to really progress in your professional life you need to define your personal career plan. It is essential to choose an Executive MBA program that complements your current experience and provides you with missing knowledge and skills.

2. Embarking on an Executive MBA is an important investment so you should consider the reputation of the business school. International accreditations and EMBA rankings can guide you through the crowded space of executive education in order to choose from among the best business management schools.

3. An Executive MBA program provides high-level knowledge addressed at experienced professionals, thus the quality of the program Faculty is crucial. Professors teaching in an Executive MBA program should not only have academic qualifications, but also the real-world experience to offer useful, practical insights.

4. An Executive MBA program is designed for international career development. It is important to verify that the program includes the relevant case studies on international business management - or even better, modules taking place in key global markets.

Executive MBA5. An Executive MBA should provide participants with the skills to adapt global business development strategy into regional and local contexts.

6. An Executive MBA program should provide an individual approach to participants. The number of participants in the class should ideally be limited to allow maximum contact between Faculty and participants. The program should also offer the chance to work on projects related to your own company and situation, for maximum relevance.

7. An Executive MBA should be flexible so you have time to both study and work. Look for modern learning techniques that allow participants to absorb the most from their learning in a short period of time. This could include, for example, short, focused on-campus modules combined with high-impact distance learning.

8. Taking an Executive MBA program is also about the personal experience. Testimonials of participants are a good source of information regarding the infrastructure and services offered to participants, as well as the networking possibilities.

9. A good Executive MBA should contribute to your career development. Statistics on the career progress of alumni will provide a good overview of what you can expect after graduating from the program.

Executive MBA10. Finally, an Executive MBA program should provide access to an "elite club" of alumni. The best business schools help the development of their alumni community by facilitating networking and exchanges between graduates even decades after that have earned their Executive MBA.

Choosing an Executive MBA program is an important and potentially career-changing decision. The guidelines above provide a framework for assessing and choosing your Executive MBA.

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