Inclusive Conversations: The Gender Perspective

Discovery event exclusive for NEXUS partners
When 25 May 2023
Where Lausanne

This F2F event occurs on May 25, starting at 17.00 CET (registration + dinner) and on May 26th, 08.30-16.30 CET

Inclusive Conversations: The Gender Perspective | 25 & 26 May

Inclusive Conversations: The Gender Perspective

IMD was one of the pioneers when it launched its program for women executives in 2003. Since then, a significant progress has been made in understanding the nature of unconscientious biases, the importance of diversity, and the need of allyship in organizations. It’s time now to move to the next level and enable inclusive conversations through better understanding of the gender perspective.


Participants will discover how to:
β€’ Build awareness of the specific challenges of the other gender.
β€’ Figure out what you most need to learn to be effective in your daily interactions with others.
β€’ Leverage diversity – understand how to have inclusive conversations to be able to lead more effectively.
β€’ Create alliances across the gender divide.

Who is this event for

β€’ Leaders who would like to enhance their capability to create an inclusive environment and hence increase their leadership impact.
β€’ Decision makers who need to understand at a deeper level the challenges with inclusive interactions and the tools to create inclusive eco-systems.

Participants must attend this event as a pair – one female and one male individual from the same organization. Please note that they will not be working together during the event and will be assigned to different teams and pairs.