Marketing Programs at IMD

Master the art of strategic thinking, learn how to think differently, deploy new business frameworks and develop your ability to innovate strategically. Discover the latest thought leadership and strategic tools to enable you to become a more strategic leader and bring strategic growth to your business.

Leverage digital for strategic transformation
Designed for business leaders and senior managers who want to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation in their organizations.
Drive your strategy to successful execution
Understand and overcome the key challenges that come with driving strategic change, and learn practical frameworks to successfully steer your strategic initiative.
Boost your competitive advantage
Go in-depth into Digital Strategy. Leave with strategic plans ready to test in your organization and the marketplace.
Learn to think more strategically
Analyze strengths, weaknesses & opportunities and formulate strategic plans to solve your current and future business challenges.
Break away from conventional thinking
Rethink your strategic possibilities during times of intense competition and disruptive change, develop a strategic roadmap to seize new opportunities.
Achieve high performance throughout the value chain
Change the way you think about innovation and technology strategy, develop a roadmap for achieving breakthrough performance in your business.

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