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For young managers looking to become a more effective leader

Accelerate your career. Strengthen your leadership skills and gain clarity on critical areas of your development so you are more effective to deal with business challenges within your organisation.

Master cross-functional capabilities
Provides experienced functional managers with the essential set of cross-functional skills and capabilities needed to move into leadership positions
Turning managers into leaders
Move quickly and successfully through a unique combination of personal leadership development with coaching, strategy, execution and managing organizational change.
Learn to LEAP ahead of your competitors

For executives who face the dual challenge of delivering profitability today and propelling your organization on a new growth trajectory for tomorrow.

Find your passion and rediscover your focus

Develop new “breakthrough ideas” to solve leadership and organizational challenges you face and guide your company’s response to big external changes with confidence.

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Orchestrating Winning Performance

Get the full breadth of business topics and trends you need to know about to stay successfully ahead. 40+ hot topics, fully customizable schedule and networking...

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