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Business managers in every type of organization and every function area require sharp finance skills to effectively drive business performance. Whether you’re new to finance or an expert, whether finance is your career focus or one piece of your leadership arsenal, finance programs keep you on top of the latest tools and enhance your strategic decision-making.

Strategic Finance Course

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Create value through financial excellence
Stay up-to-date with the latest economic and financial tools. Explore the challenges of fintech, big data, analytics and much more.
Disruptive technologies creating new opportunities

Disruptive technologies are impacting the way companies generate and capture value - discover three crucial aspects of finance today: fintech and monetization, cybersecurity and the broader financial ecosystem.

Develop confidence in your managerial finance
Refine your intuition for solving key financial problems, analyze alternatives in decision making and formulate value-maximizing strategies.
Be prepared, the Blockchain revolution is already here
Today, Blockchain has many tangible applications, the best known of which is Bitcoin. Yet it would be a big mistake to consider that Blockchain is only Bitcoin.

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