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From the journey of senior executives to issues of gender and data bias, each month, we’ll discuss one recently released book, and add a new one to the list, so you'll be able to plan ahead.

Our first four books are recent releases that have been very well received. Together they give a sense of the books we’ll read: the first follows the journey of a senior executive in a given company and industry; the second book looks at issues of gender and data bias; and the third and fourth address important geopolitical and economic trends.

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When Teams Work

Thursday, 15 December at 12:00 CET

Mike Brent and Nigel Melville, authors of When Teams Work: How to develop and lead a high-performing team, share their thoughts about how to create effective teams and how to avoid the major traps teams fall into. Their book is based on their combined academic input and lived experience; both have taught and coached hundreds of teams and thousands of managers in sport, business, and organizations.

Together with IMD Professor Ina Toegel, Mike and Nigel discuss important areas such as building trust, engagement, and psychological safety, as well as the skills needed to successfully coach and facilitate teams.

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Book Club 23 March 2023

Thursday, 23 March at 12:00 CET

The Future of Competitive Strategy

Mohan Subramaniam, Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation at IMD and author of the new book The Future of Competitive Strategy: Unleashing the Power of Data and Digital Ecosystems, shares his thoughts on the new drivers of competitive advantage in the digital era. He focuses on how legacy firms – or firms that have forged their competitive strengths in an era before the internet, can shift their competitive focus from products, value chains and industry structures to data, digital platforms, and digital ecosystems.

In a discussion with IMD Professor Phil Rosenzweig, Mohan discusses some key frameworks from his book and shares many examples of legacy firms who are making the necessary transition to compete effectively in a changing digital world.

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Book Club Sustainable Leadership

October 2022 : Sustainable Leadership

The next generation of business leaders can play a vital role in speeding up progress on sustainability, according to leadership expert Clarke Murphy.

Summer 2022 and beyond

After we discuss a book, we will add one to the list, so that you can plan your reading for the next few months.


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