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The AI Dilemma: If we are as gods, we may as well get good at it 

IbyIMD+26 April 2024 • by José Parra Moyano in I by IMD Book Club

AI holds incredible promise to improve virtually every aspect of our lives, but we can't ignore its risks, mishaps, and misuses, author Art Kleiner tells José Parra Moyano....

According to former US politician Henry Kissinger, “The dilemma of the AI age will be different: its defining technology will be widely acquired, mastered, and employed. The achievement of mutual strategic restraint – or even achieving a common definition of restraint – will be more difficult than ever before, both conceptually and practically.”

We hear much about “the AI dilemma”, but what exactly is it? That was the question I put to Art Kleiner, one of the world’s leading experts on organizational learning, machine learning, and human learning, and co-author with Juliette Powell of The AI Dilemma: 7 Principles for Responsible Technology.

What is the AI dilemma?

It is not surprising that Kissinger, who was a prominent advisor to the US government in the Cold War era, when the world genuinely feared it was on the brink of mutually assured destruction, should frame the discussion in such apocalyptic terms, but the comparison holds good today concerning the advent of AI…

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