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Sustainability is one of the key challenges of the 21st century. On the one hand, natural resources are becoming scarce while on the other hand, regulators and consumers are asking companies to be more responsible by controlling and eliminating their negative externalities and to provide products and services that enhance the quality of life of individuals and society. Sustainability is a trigger for innovation. The companies that understand present and future trends are becoming more competitive and are being rewarded in the marketplace by consumers.

The mission of the IMD Global Center for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) is to develop successful global leaders who will create the sustainable institutions of tomorrow, and to place IMD at the forefront of executive education by addressing a complex paradigm for business.

CSL focuses on:

  • Carrying out research to enable companies to integrate sustainability into their business strategies. Our research aims to identify how an organization can address the leadership and managerial dilemmas that occur when designing and implementing business strategies (i.e. to balance economic, ecological and social objectives).
  • Integrating sustainability leadership into IMD's agenda by bringing its research findings to the classroom in executive education and MBA programs.
  • Developing strategic alliances and collaborative relationships with IMD company partners to pursue joint research on sustainability leadership.
  • Publishing our research output in refereed journals, books and business publications.

CSL works with IMD Faculty members and research associates, who have expertise in diverse managerial disciplines such as finance, strategy, marketing, operations and organizational behavior.

The center has an established corporate membership-driven learning platform. CSL Learning Platform ensures that the research and the content of the thought leadership events remain grounded in business realities and management practice.

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