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Rewriting Your Leadership Code

How your childhood made you the leader you are, and what you can do about it
March 2024
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A must-read for all leaders who want to make a difference to the quality of their leadership in times of change. Brilliantly researched, excitingly written, it is an exploration to the core of leadership.

Bernhard Simon Chairman of the Board, Dachser

Masterfully unveils the profound link between our pasts and our leadership, presenting a clear roadmap connecting childhood events to impactful leadership. A game-changer in self-discovery and leadership evolution.

Reus Rosa, Chief Executive Officer, WiseMoving Technologies Corporation

Life as a leader is busy and intense, and it is easy to forget our past. But our past does not forget us. This book explains how it impacts our behaviour and decision-making as leaders and, by extension, the results of the whole organisation.

Aušra Vankevičiūtė Chief Executive Officer, Staticus

Where do your leadership instincts come from and how can you improve them?

Stretched by heavy workloads and facing ever more complex environments, leaders increasingly find themselves running on automatic and relying on their instincts. But depending on instincts is a bit like gambling, and as a result, stress levels, mistakes and failure rates are all on the up.

In this ground-breaking book, leadership experts Nik Kinley and Shlomo Ben-Hur reveal how our instincts are the products of childhood experience – lessons learnt that have become written into the structure of our brains. Like the source code at the centre of a computer, they underpin almost every aspect of our functioning as leaders. They affect how we interpret and experience things, how we react to events, the environments we choose, the impact we have on people, and even the responses we trigger in others.

Often these instincts and tendencies are hidden beneath professional poise. But under pressure, when we are deprived of time, they come to the fore. This is why leading under pressure can bring out the best and the worst in us. And it is why – ultimately – leadership is a test of the character of our instinctual code.

Based on decades of research, this book shows how we get to be the leaders we are today. It explains the tendencies and inclinations that past experiences can leave us with and the hidden ways in which they can affect who we are as leaders and how we behave. And crucially, it shows how we can make better use of our instincts and even improve them to become better leaders.

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Nik Kinley

Director and Head of Talent Strategy for the global Talent Management consultancy YSC

Nik Kinley is a Director and Head of Talent Strategy for the global Talent Management consultancy YSC. Prior to YSC Nik was the Global Head of Assessment for the BP Group, and prior to that, Head of Learning for Barclays GRBF. He has specialized in the fields of assessment and behavior change for nearly twenty five years, and in this time has worked with CEOs, factory-floor workers, life-sentence prisoners, government officials and children.