Get Action-ready with Mergers and Acquisitions Training

Mergers and Acquisitions TrainingNeed help to improve shareholder value in a M&A?                 

Mergers and acquisitions training can help you to create the best shareholder value in an M&A. Even senior financial and business executives can further develop their skills for winning mergers and acquisitions strategies. It’s the opportunity to review key strategies, learn to best value target companies, and develop clearer insight into the entire process – from motive to target to integration. You’ll be ready for action with quality mergers and acquisitions training from a top business school.

Do you need deeper insights into M&A business strategy?

You won’t be surprised: mergers and acquisitions are essentially about creating shareholder value. But what is the theory behind this? How is it best done in practice? Mergers and acquisitions training helps deepen your understanding of mergers and acquisitions as a business. For example, during such training, you’ll explore how mergers and acquisitions:

  • Reduce costs through increased scale/create efficiencies through a reduced scope
  • Increase market share
  • Create cross-selling opportunities or synergies

 Improve your mergers and acquisitions skills 

Learn key M&A strategies

Mergers and Acquisitions TrainingWhat strategies do you use to your advantage in mergers and acquisitions? It’s possible you are not even aware of some of your best tools – you use them instinctively. Mergers and acquisitions training can help you identify, review and improve the strategies you know by understanding them better. And you can learn about new strategies too since the top business schools in the world constantly research and evaluate best practices.

  • Effective planning
  • Complete process review
  • Offset potential setbacks
  • Tracking & evaluation
  • Effective integration

Understand valuation of target companies

Mergers and acquisitions start with identifying and correctly valuing target companies. You will want a clear look at assets, historical earnings, maintainable future earnings, relative value, discounted cash flow, and the projected shareholder value creation post-merger. Mergers and acquisitions training can help you sharpen your insight to make sure you account for the right combination of elements in your valuation process – and don’t overlook potential devaluation factors.

Discover the M&A big picture

Mergers and Acquisitions TrainingA big picture perspective is essential to successful mergers and acquisitions. During the entire process, you run through – in one way or another – six essential phases:

  • Position review (are you ready to leverage mergers and acquisitions?)
  • Targeting & valuation
  • Strategic assessment (anticipated response, negotiation strength, etc.)
  • Acquisition negotiation
  • Post-acquisition integration
  • Evaluation

The potential issues to be dealt with are many and different every time: value, liabilities, business model rebuilding, short-term fluctuations, cash flow, maintaining shareholder confidence, integration, to name a few.

An excellent – risk-free – way to refresh and solidify your global process perspective is through a mergers and acquisitions simulation. Ready to ensure your strength and readiness for real-life M&As? Investigate top business schools for well-designed mergers and acquisitions training, either as a standalone or as part of a corporate finance training program.

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